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How to Remove the Divi Page Builder Button on Edit Post/Page Screens

If you need to remove the Divi Page Builder Button from the Edit Post/ Edit Page Screen on a site Powered by Divi Theme, you can add the code snippets. Open the functions.php file...


When using Divi Theme, have you ever wished that you can easily nest another module within a module? Finally I was able to achieve it by using these steps.

A Complete Guide To Divi’s New Portability Feature

One of the most appreciated features for Divi users is certainly the possibility to easily import and export layouts created with the Divi Builder, which has made portability one of the most popular tools for developers. But with the arrival of Divi 2.7, those developers (including myself) who already loved the import / export functions, are sure to drool when they find out about the new features of portability…

Divi Contact Form – Reply to address not showing

Quick fix to enable you to see the senders email address when you receive a message via the contact form

Divi Builder Page Settings… a real time saver

One of the great features that was introduced in the Divi 2.7 update is the Divi Builder Page Settings and it’s proving to be a real time saver.
The new settings allow you to adjust various design and default values for entire pages instead of having to make the adjustments on a Module by Module basis.
The new Page Settings give you control over: Split Testing, Custom CSS, Colour Palette, Gutter Width, Light or Dark Text Colour, Content Area Background Colour and Section Background Colour.
In this post I’ll show you where to find the Page Settings, run through what you’ll find there and take a look at a couple of the options in more detail….

Divi’s dynamic help system plus free library pack

Divi is a great theme for both beginners and advanced users alike because Divi’s drag and drop interface allows you to create stunning pages and posts without touching a single line of code.

But what happens when something goes wrong, such as a plugin incompatibility, a memory error or a caching issue, it can be frustrating at best and can bring you to a complete standstill at worst.

The good news is that with the release of Divi 2.7, the Divi Builder will now troubleshoot itself, identify problems and help you fix them without wasting your precious time.

In this post I’ll take a brief look at Divi’s Dynamic Help System and as a bonus, I’ll give you a link to Elegant Themes’ gorgeous new Library Pack that you can download and use for free!

Fix Divi Sliders and Images not Working with WP 4.5

You may find that certain Divi Theme features stop working correctly when you upgrade to WordPress 4.5. For instance you may find that your sliders don’t slide, or your images don’t show. This post explains how to solve it. What’s the problem? The…

Fabulous new import and export features for all your Divi data

I always say that Divi is the perfect theme for anyone who wants to create…. not code. And that’s because Divi’s drag and drop interface allows you to create stunning pages and posts without touching a single line of code.
But even creating without coding takes a commitment of time and effort and having made that commitment wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use your creations on other websites or share them with friends and colleagues?
The good news is that whilst Divi has always had the ability to save, import and export Divi layouts, Divi 2.7 has taken portability to a whole new level.
In this post I’ll look at Divi’s increased import / export / portability features, which now include: a custom portability system that makes it super easy to import and export Divi Library Packs, Theme Customizer Settings, Theme Options and Divi Roles….

Divi Contact Form Module: New Features

In Old version of contact form module, there were some fixed default fields but in the updated contact form module we can add numbers of extra fields in the form.
Sometimes we can get an error message like “Make sure you fill in all required fields.”, Even when we have not missed any field.
Actually this error is coming because of space and special character in the “Field ID” while adding a new field….

Divi 2.7 is out and includes split testing

We are excited about this update for a few reasons. The new Divi Leads A/B testing system / in-depth statistics to show you real results. And the new portability features to make saving, sharing, and backing up your hard work much easier! Split testing content will be…



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