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Six Lessons From Six Years of Web Design Freelancing Featuring Josh Hall

We’re back with new Divi Nation interviews, WordPress stories, and lessons from the Divi Community! This week we’ve got Josh Hall on the show. Josh has been a web design entrepreneur for six years now, he’s an active member of the Divi Community online, and he’s even been a…

Examples of Divi Fashion Sites for Inspiration

Every industry needs top-notch web designs and the fashion industry is no different. Fashion is one of the most popular topics online and there are plenty of websites for readers to browse. The fashion industry is always looking for the latest trend and they need a powerful platform to show off those trends….

2017 – Fostering The Most Empowered Community On The Web

Earlier today we went over what 2016 was like for us here at Elegant Themes. In this post, and this episode of Divi Nation, I’m sharing what we plan to do in 2017. It’s going to be a massive year…

Must-Read Divi Tutorials From 2016

Year 2016 became apparent that both we and the community wanted a lot more Divi content in general–not just for special occasions. As evidence of that some of our most popular and engaging content this year were Divi tutorials. In today’s post I’m highlighting ten that I feel are must-read for anyone using Divi in our community…

Page Speed and Search Engine Optimisation

Since its release in December 2013, Divi has not only become Elegant Themes’ bestselling theme, it’s also become one of the most popular WordPress themes of all time.

And it’s easy to see why.

Divi allows you to create the website of your dreams, without touching a single line of code, using the drag-and-drop interface of the Divi Builder…

10 Most Popular Divi Freebies of 2016

It’s always fun to look back at the past year when another is beginning to remember the high points. I’d say that these community favorites definitely mark high points for us here at Elegant Themes running the blog. We love to see you guys empowered to do more of whatever it is you do with Divi. These giveaways have done just that! So for anyone who hasn’t downloaded these yet, time to get some free Divi awesomeness to start the year off right!

When to use Standard WordPress Editor or Divi Page Builder

I love the Divi page builder! However, there comes a time when using the standard WordPress Editor will yield better results when looking to maximize your potential through your blog posts. Take a look at my idea behind that notion in this article…

Enable gZip Compression for Speed Optimization

When you request to retrieve data from any website, then the data of the website take the time to appear on your browser. Images and Videos sometimes take a long time to appear on the browser because of the big size of these files. And gZip allows compression of these files due to which site takes less time to deliver the data….

Intoduction to the Divi Builder

Make a website with the Divi Theme! In this web design tutorial I’ll show you how to get started building a website with the new Divi 3 theme.

Useful Divi Modules – With an intro to global modules

When you make a module or section, it is stored as a special type of item within the Divi Library preferably known as the Global item. It makes editing a much easier task for and you can update all instances of it across your website at a single time. This not only saves time, but it also ensures consistency throughout your website.



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