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Blurb Modul mit dem Icon auf der rechten Seite

Möchtet Ihr beim Blurb Modul das Icon nicht oben oder auf der linken Seite, dann braucht Ihr nur etwas wenig CSS und schon Funktioniert es….

Cool Connected Bullets For Divi – An new way to create Timeline

I was surfing for some recipes the other day and happened across what I thought was a nicely styled ordered list that used connecting dots to add a nifty touch to the display. I dug into their source code to see how it was done and how it could be repeated easily and…

Divi Blurb Icon Background Line

I came across this tip while visiting another site and thought i’d share it here. Basically it uses two Divi modules to create the look you see below. By combining the Blurb module and Divider module in the right stacking order and minimal CSS you can easily…

How to Add or Copy Blurb Module in Divi

Very simple process to copy an existing blurb module and modify it to add more content blocks to the page. In this particular layout, Divi resized the image to 225×75, so that impacted the rest of the design for me) and I recommend keeping it the same. The original image used was not that size, so optimizing it would be a good idea; especially if not using lightbox….

How to do Blurbs Side by Side and not Stacked on Mobile

With Divi, using a blurb module is one of the easiest ways to create a great looking mobile site. A true mobile site increases the interaction with those visiting your site.

One thing people need is the blurbs to be side by side and not stacked on a mobile screen. Watch the video below to see how this happens…

Make The Divi Blurb Module Stand Out With A Simple Hover Effect

The Divi Blurb module, as it comes, is an extremely versatile module. It allows you to display an image, title, and content text within the module and it looks especially good when used to display quick snippets of information across a row…

Adding custom icons to Divi blurb module

The Divi theme blurb module comes with quite a few icons you can use in your blurb, but being the creative soul that you are you want a way to add your own custom icons and stand out from the Divi crowd. There are a few ways to do this, but by far the easiest is to…

How to Use Divi Builder Blurb Module as a Toggle to Display or Hide Content

Today a user on an FB group asked if it was possible or easily doable to use Divi Blurb mobules as toggle ones showing and/or hiding some content with the click on the blurb images or titles. This is a nice idea where we can use a Blurb Module to toggle content added in its editor. This can be easily done with some JavaScript. I am using jQuery…

Image in blurb without margin

I like to have image in blurb without margin, and txt with margine. so i like to have blurb with image like in left picture, and txt like in right picture. How to do it??

Moving Blurb module to child theme

If you want to add some custom features to your blurb module and you don’t want to lose the changes when you update/reinstall then you need to use child theme. Firstly you need to redefine the blurb module in child theme and then you can add any changes to the blurb module…



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