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Customize Divi Button Shortcodes

Hier habe ich für Euch einmal die Buttons von Divi mit CSS etwas angepasst. Es ist nicht das Taste Plugin, sondern die Button Shortcodes von Divi.
Bindest die CSS Datei die Ihr hier Downloaden könnt in Euer Design ein und gebt Eurem Text Plugin die CSS Klasse button1, button2, button3 oder button4 (Bild 1). Es gibt vorerst nur der Button small (Bild 3) in allen Farben, die anderen kommen noch….

Creative Divi Buttons

Today we are giving you buttons with “swap in” icons on hover..

Changing the Blue Link Text on Divi Buttons

For some reason I can never find the correct location to remove the blue link text from Elegant themes Divi or Divi builder buttons. I sort of think it might be a bug they will get fixed because it doesn’t show up in preview. In your child theme, add the following…

Editing Button Text Color in WooCommerce on Divi

The Divi button style editor seems to miss a few of the text colors in woocommerce. Text within my woocommerce buttons was appearing blue. I was unable to find…

Turn any Divi button into an Add to Cart button

I am trying to put an Add-to-cart button in the main Divi slider. Now Divi slider only gives an option to input a URL for the default slider button. But i was wondering is there a way to modify that button and convert it into a WooCommerce AddtoCart button?

3 Ways to Vertically Align Buttons in Divi

How do I vertically align buttons across columns? or How do I line up buttons at the bottom of my tiles? These questions get asked a lot. Why? Because they’re really good questions and not something you can do out of the box with Divi. They’re good…

Link To A Section or Module

This type of link, which can really help to funnel users to the right information, is called an Anchor Link. Basically, it points to a specific CSS ID, scrolling the page down so that the section, module or item with that ID is at the top of the browser window…

How to Change Divi Button Text on Hover With Simple JQuery

This tutorial is part of a series of tutorials dedicated to jQuery and its integration with Divi Theme. In this short tutorial we will implement a nice and useful jQuery effect: we will change a Divi button text on mouse hover and restore the original text on mouse out. For example, you can use this method to display the price when the user put the mouse hover the button, or any other text or message you want. Next you can see and interact with the button as the final result. Hope it will be helpful…

Divi buttons part 4

Today we are giving you buttons with slide in icons on hover. You can see the demo…

Buttons Shadow on Hover Effect

A little piece of code that will jazz up your Divi Themes Buttons. Simply copy the below code into your Divi themes ‘Custom CSS’ area and click save…



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