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Creating a Grayscale to Color Gallery with the Divi Gallery Module

By the end of our tutorial today we’re going to achieve this stylish grayscale gallery that blossoms with color as users hover their cursor over each image….

Changing the Number of Columns in the Divi Gallery Module

By the end of our tutorial today we’re going to achieve a fullwidth gallery module that has five (or more!) columns, depending on your needs….

Creating a Unique Border for your Divi Gallery Module Images

By the end of our tutorial today we’re going to get a cleaner gallery (with less text) and images that have a CSS clipping mask that provides bespoke detail…

Using the Divi Gallery Module to Create a Tiled Gallery with Custom Padding

By the end of our tutorial today we’re going to achieve a tiled gallery with custom padding like the one you see…

Create a Fullwidth Gallery with the Divi Gallery Module

By default, the module has some padding between the photos, displays the image label and will be aligned in 4 columns. The hover over icon will pull the main theme color in and will have a transparent white overlay. Not bad for something out of the box, but let’s explore some ways to make our galleries “Pop.”…

Multiple galleries in a single page

Recently my client asked for a different kind of gallery. He wanted to have multiple galleries in a single page. As I was fiddling with different options, I found Divi Toggle Module can be of some use. Resource: You need Divi, Images for Gallery & Lightbox plugin…

Divi Gallery Modification

A few days back I wrote a post about how to beautify Divi gallery popup lightbox. Result looked good, but when I noticed the gallery thumbnail page, it was not that much charming! As I was searching for idea, I came across a post by Nick Roach (Founder of Elegant…

Creating a Gallery to Showcase Multiple Galleries in Divi

Frustrated. That’s how I felt when I first started trying to create multiple galleries. Sure, there were plenty of tutorials on how to create one gallery. But what I couldn’t find was how to create a gallery that has thumbnails of other galleries. Say for instance you’re a photographer who wants to showcase photos of food, models and landscapes. You’d probably want to separate them into their own galleries and not just showcase them willy-nilly next to each other … It took me forever to figure out how to use a combination of projects and portfolio to do this.
Now it’s quite simple. So simple I created a video to explain how to do it….

Creating fullwidth tiled gallery using DIVI gallery module

Referring to the many questions about creating tiled fullwidth gallery in DIVI, we decided to write a simple guide on creating fullwidth gallery using DIVI gallery module. For beginning just to visualize better I am talking about this kind of tiled gallery like on…

Moving Gallery module to child theme

If you want to add some custom features to your Gallery module and you don’t want to lose the changes when you update/reinstall then you need to use child theme. Firstly you need to redefine the Gallery module in child theme and then you can add any changes to the Gallery module. Here are the steps you need to follow to move Gallery module to child theme…



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