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Divi Image Module Shortcode

By using the image module of DIVI theme we can upload the image to our WordPress site in a proper manner. This module automatically decides the size of the image. We can upload the single image or collection of images on the first page as per our desired design. We can upload the image to any place of the website page with animation and image title…

Image Module Shortcode

Images play an important role in enhancing our website design. It acts as the storytellers, which allow people to visualize our product or facilities in a better way. It is noticed that website with beautiful images are mostly viewed more as compare to others. Sometimes Image Module’s features are crucial where we cannot use divi builder so in that case we can use Fullwidth Image module shortcode for adding any image….

How to Add Lift Hover Effect to Img in Divi

How to add a simple lift effect on hover using box-shadow. Built using an image module in Divi. I left some older CSS in my stylesheet that kept the transition timing towards the end, either way, the CSS used can be found here…

Place Pictures in Image Module without Stretching or Squeezing the Image

Using the image module can be a great solution for a portfolio or grid album look, but when some images are taken portrait and landscape you can have some images look great and some look squished or stretched. This can really hold true when viewing from a mobile device….

Ultimate Guide on using Images with Divi

Getting images right for your Divi website can be tricky. You have to consider things like dimensions (pixels), file size (kb) and file type (.jpg, .png etc). Get it right, and you page will look great and your site visitors will love you. Get it wrong and say goodbye…

Divi Gallery Modification

A few days back I wrote a post about how to beautify Divi gallery popup lightbox. Result looked good, but when I noticed the gallery thumbnail page, it was not that much charming! As I was searching for idea, I came across a post by Nick Roach (Founder of Elegant…

Continuous Parallax

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but when looking at my homepage on Desktop, I’ve got a parallax image for my header which continues (albeit changing colour) as you scroll down to the blog post list. This is something I’ve always thought of as a great use of the Parallax design style, as it helps make a page flow and appear as one rather than lots of sections stuck together…

Learn how to add a Ken Burns effect to Divi

Learn how to add a Ken Burns effect to section background images. This tutorial should also work for the Divi theme, as well as most Divi Child Themes. Enjoy! =)

Image Hover Effect

To catch certain image module please add an additional css class to the image module..



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