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Divi Map Module Shortcode

Here comes another module of Divi and with the help of this module, you can locate yourself on the page or the website. It can be done by the use of Divi Map Module. It uses Google Maps and you will also get unlimited attempts to pin your different location on the map. It can be displayed in the full-width form….

Create coloured Google maps in Divi

With almost every website having a Google map integrated, you may want to add some custom colour to make your map stand out from the crowd. You can use the snazzy maps plugin ($5) or with a little extra work can just follow their instructions to add the code and get…

How to define Google API Key for divi map module

Here is a video tutorial where you can see how to create Google API key..

Divi Map module & Google Map API

For using the map module on any page you will need an API key and then only you will able to use the map module anywhere on the page. Follow the steps to generate the API key for Map Module:- Open the given link –,geocoding_backend,directions_backend,distance_matrix_backend,elevation_backend&keyType=CLIENT_SIDE&reusekey=true On opening the link you will be redirected to […]

Making the Map module equal in height to the biggest column

Here’s another short tutorial which I find very useful: making the Map module equal in height to the biggest column…

How to Use the Divi Map Module

Q. Help, my Divi map is zooming in too far and too crazy and it is making me dizzy.

A. Turn off the Mouse Wheel Zoom.

Changing the Pin Icon in the Divi Module

The Divi Theme comes complete with a handy map module for easily creating embedded Google Maps…..



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