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Create Color Overlays for Divi Sections

Is anyone else frustrated that there isn’t always a “Background Overlay” option where there is a “Background Photo” option? So were we, so we created this tutorial. Hope it makes all of your lives easier
This tutorial will show you how to create a background overlay where it is not available in Divi. This overlay makes reading the text easier and more stylish…

Getting the specialty section to go full-width

I was having trouble getting the specialty section to go full-width, there is an option, but it doesn’t fully extend it…

zig zag / lightning bolt shape sectional divider

I was able to create this with css. I’m sure it could be refined further by adjusting the values etc….

Divi UI Challenge #6 – Phone App Promo

For this week’s Divi UI Challenge we bring you a Phone App Promo Section. We utilised some (very simple) image/graphic-editing tools for this tutorial, and, as usual, we pulled this one together using mainly the standard Divi Builder…

Split Background Image In Divi Page

A post in a Facebook group let me create a layout like this. Resource: You need Divi. Procedure: Create a standard row with 1/2 + 1/2 module. Put a text module in the left column and put content in it. Open “Section Module Setting”. Add a new background…

Creating whitespace with draggable widths and heights in Divi Visual Builder

In this post I’ll remind you how to access an elements Settings panel to change margin and padding values, show you how to use draggable padding for Sections and Rows and introduce you to a few Hotkeys that make using draggable padding even easier…

Add transparent Color Overlays to Sections

Learn how to add transparent Color Overlays to Sections. A client uploaded a bright background image and made the overlying text unreadable. This is how you can setup a transparent Color Overlay that will always be there…no matter what image your client uploads…

Add two column switch to any Divi site

Are your 2-column Divi layouts mobile friendly? We don’t just mean “can you read it on a mobile device?” Or “can you navigate with ease?”, no. If the majority of viewers are using a mobile device, why isn’t that a higher priority in UI/UX?…

Link To A Section or Module

This type of link, which can really help to funnel users to the right information, is called an Anchor Link. Basically, it points to a specific CSS ID, scrolling the page down so that the section, module or item with that ID is at the top of the browser window…



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