Create a Moving Forward Page for Your Clients

The majority of freelancers and design agencies will hand off a completed website to a client then effectively disappear; leaving the client unsure how to utilize their new site and uneducated on the potential dangers of a hack. In this post, we’re going to explore creating a “Moving Forward” page that will provide your clients with strategies that will help them grow their web presence as they move forward with their new website….

Create a Getting Started Page for Your Clients

Investing in a website design can be a very intimidating and overwhelming process for a client. It’s our job as the web developer to prepare them on how the process works, what tools we use, etc. What better way to do that than with a getting started page?

I found myself repeating my process and tools to new clients over and over until finally creating a getting started page. Now when a project begins, I send my page to the client to review before we dive into design and development. I’ve found that this has alleviated most if not all initial questions my clients have before a project begins…..

Growing and Shrinking Background Image in Divi

Learn how to have your Section background image grow and shrink on hover. Also learn how to utilize multiple backgrounds….

Style the Divi Blog Module “Read More” Text into a Button

Today we’ll be exploring how to style the “read more” button on the Divi Blog Module….

Change the colour of the placeholder text in Divi contact form module

I’m trying to change the colour of the placeholder text in a divi contact form module. How to do this?

Change Hover Color in Divi Secondary Nav

Can you please help me to change the hover color for the menu items just in the secondary menu?

Create a Website Questionnaire and Documentation for Your Clients

In this post, which is the first of a new series about the benefits of creating client documentation, Josh Hall shows us an example of his Website Questionnaire and why it’s useful in running his Divi design business.

Usar seudoelementos para crear separadores de sección en Divi

A veces añadir separadores de sección nos permite estructurar nuestros contenidos de una forma más práctica y visual. En esta ocasión vamos a crear un separador con un seudoelemento, esto es, un cuadrado del mismo color del fondo de la sección y rotado 45º para crear el efecto de punta de flecha apuntando a la sección siguiente. Puedes ver el resultado al final del post….



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