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Launch a Crypto Website or Blog: 10 Best Cryptocurrency WordPress Themes

Bitcoins, bitcoins, bitcoins! These days everyone is mad about them! Needless to say, there are a lot of people who already have a successful business thanks to cryptocurrency. On the other hand, there are many guys and girls that are just planning to start their deal. Seeing that, in this post, we will show you an easy way to introduce your business!

Fullwidth Divi layouts for Custom Post Types

This outlines how to style Divi layouts for custom post types so that they are properly fullwidth to the browser window. This tutorial is specifically aimed at Toolset’s Divi integration but may be helpful in other contexts….

How to get clients for your WordPress web design business

How to get clients for your WordPress web design business

Establishing a web design business is not a simple job because it needs a certain level of ambition, diligence and tenacity. You will encounter various problems whereby the decision you make will highly determine the growth and success of your biz. In this article we discuss how to generate leads to your web design business….

Top 20 Media WordPress Themes for News Magazines & Personal Blogs

Do you have anything to share with the world? Are you planning to launch your own media website? Don’t procrastinate! Take action today with these collection of media WordPress themes…

20 Best Interior Design WordPress Themes

Are you running an interior design, home remodeling, flooring, architectural, or any other related type of business? Are you looking for a decent web presentation for it? Free yourself from long hours of surfing the Internet with this usable showcase…

TemplateMonster Promo Code – Get 15% for any WordPress Theme. Special for Tuts Directory visitors!

Did you miss the awesome news from TemplateMonster? Well, there is some secret stuff we want to share with you. But only with you, the precious readers of Tuts Directory. Intrigued? Well, you should be….

What if Quentin Tarantino could make website templates?

Famous people are always extraordinary personalities; it makes them attractive for their audience. In this case, it does not matter who you are: a writer, a film director, a dancer or an actor. It is the fate of a genius to be outstanding and noteworthy. Quentin Tarantino who is considered one of the greatest filmmakers of his generation is not an exception….

15 Best WordPress Themes For Bloggers

If you are thinking of running your own personal blog, then you will find the best WordPress themes for bloggers are those that will catch your eye. Writing a blog is a creative process that shows off your personality, because you share your works with the world. At the same time, it is a complex procedure that requires a lot of thought and planning, as presenting your works to their best advantage is as important as creating them. So, if you are considering various ways of running your blog, we recommend that you have a look at the templates that have been developed specifically for bloggers…

Arrow style creative Divi vertical navigation

This is a solution by Dimitar Marinov posted for Divi Theme Tutorials & Web Design Resources Facebook group. It was a solution provided for one of our group members question….

10 Thriving Orange WordPress Themes for Your Business

There is a number of reason people like the color orange. This energetic color immediately calls to mind feelings of excitement, enthusiasm and warmth. It is often used to draw attention, that’s why it is so often used in traffic signs and advertising. And this is the exact reason why your website should contain this vibrant color or at least its shades….