Divi Contact Form – Reply to address not showing

You may have noticed that the contact form has changed with Divi 2.7.

It no longer shows the senders email by default – this is to do with the spam feature. All emails from your contact form now show as coming from your own domain name to avoid being sent to your spam folder.

If you click on ‘Reply’ it will auto populate the return email with the senders address, even though its not shown on the original message, however this doesn’t seem to work on mobile devices, so you are left with a message and no idea who it is from!

A quick solution is to use the Message Pattern box in the contact form settings. Add the following and it will provide you with the senders email address in the message field.

Email from %%email%% The message is – %%message%%

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    Matt Minten

    This worked great… somewhat. Now I don’t get any of the other fields that are part of my form. I just get the email address that I put into the message pattern box. Is there any way to get all the form fields and the email address in the message of the email that is sent to admins?

    lois reed

    thank you!


    This worked fine for me. However the divi form does not accept my email adress which is not a normal .com (or .no for Norway)
    And for the message pattern: is there a way to break lines. Tried using but doesn’t work… any ideas?


    Hi, try using
    for line breaks.


    Any idea how i could makea reply to the sender in the Contact Form ?


    My emails from the contact form are coming as %%field_id%% instead of showing the message. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    Mister Tuts

    Post this on Elegant Themes support forum.


    Wow, and now i have someone who contact me and i dont now which email i use to reply him, can i see this in a log or something like this??

    But it works now.


    Where is the sender email address specified? Is there a way to change it?

    Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Awesome trick! I just had to click reply to find out the sender’s email address and you can imagine how many things I tried before I researched for help online

    Kyrsten Retherford

    Hey! I appreciate this article, as I was struggling to figure this out. I ended up using this format for my contact form, which included all of the fields:

    Email from %%email%%
    The message is – %%message%%
    Name is – %%first_name%% %%last_name%%
    Age is %%age%%

    You can easily input your Field IDs between the percentages and adjust as needed.


    Brillant-Thank you