How to get clients for your WordPress web design business

How to get clients for your WordPress web design business
How to get clients for your WordPress web design business

WordPress is the most popular website creation tool with more than 74.6 million users depending on it. WordPress is localization friendly software which implies that it can be adjusted or used by anyone irrespective of geographical location. Even though it originally started like a blogging application, it currently is the most dominant system for managing content. You can utilize WordPress as a full fledged content management system (CMS).

WordPress Themes
Establishing a web design business is not a simple job because it needs a certain level of ambition, diligence and tenacity. You will encounter various problems whereby the decision you make will highly determine the growth and success of your biz. Here are features of WordPress that makes it usable for professional web designing work,

WordPress Themes

This feature allows you to customize the website and insert the most appropriate themes to correspond with nature of your business. Basically, WordPress permits to customize the design and look of your website by changing page layouts, fonts and colors. You can either use free themes from WordPress repository or use premium themes like Divi. A decent and attractive web design inspires prospective clients to any website. This means that taking the initiative of redesigning existing old (static) sites into WordPress sites is a viable business opportunity.

The ability to customize WordPress themes gives you more opportunity to control and make other relevant changes to the website you are working on. Such changes include; changing the footer, header, sidebar layout and how various objects are displayed within you site. By further customizing WordPress theme you can ensures that the website is suitable to perform the intended business or purpose.

WordPress Plugins

These are critical extensions that can be installed on your WordPress to add new features and increase its functionality. Plugin are available for almost every task within your website ranging from giving you information on how clients visit your site, social media, search engine optimization and security. You can add plugin by clicking add new button situated at plugins segment on your dashboard. WordPress will also allow you to upload downloaded and purchased plugins to your site. When selecting the type plugin to apply, you should consider whether it is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Such information can be obtained by checking the date it was updated and comparing such data with when the latest version of WordPress was launched. Alternatively, you can check the number of ratings with a particular plugin to determine whether it is poor or high quality.

The main function of theme is to improve presentation while plugins on the other hand increase functionality

In most cases, plugins act as complements to WordPress plugins. The main function of theme is to improve presentation while plugins on the other hand increase functionality. WordPress provides all the users with an ideal and exciting plugin environment. Currently, there are numerous plugins that can play a critical role in improving all features of your website. Addition of plugins on your WordPress website aims at advancing the content management system. Installing plugins is an efficient way on which you can use WordPress to offer customized web design services.

WordPress Widgets

Under appearance segment on your dashboard, you can access widgets that facilitate changing sitewide elements of the website like sidebar and footer. Themes like Genesis use WordPress widgets to provide easy and simple way of controlling theme and structural design. To add widget, you will only be required to drag and drop it at a specific area on the site. You can use widgets to add features and contents to different widgetized section of your theme. Different widget areas will greatly vary based on the type of theme applied.

Many WordPress themes are widget enabled. WordPress can provide you with various widgets such as navigation menu, search, tag cloud, recent posts and categories. Plugin also tend to add their widgets aimed at giving clients full control over the appearance of plugin function.

It’s important to Backup EVERYTHING

Since you are building websites for clients you should provide regular backup as a free service to avoid landing on unexpected problems when editing or deleting WordPress content.

Backing up prevent frequent spammers and hackers who mostly target WordPress because it is the largest content management system. Even after application of security plugin, there is a high degree of risk that malicious malwares can inject virus into your site. Hackers can overwrite your content on the website to enable them send multiple spam emails and as result get blacklisted by spam supervisors. You can efficiently utilize WordPress for your web design business by ensuring that do not rely fully only on the hosting Company for backup. You can use plugins which support backing up your site to Google drive or dropbox.

Ways to get clients for your web design business

Methods of obtaining clients to your agency can be the most difficult task throughout your business. The approaches applied in this case depend highly on the type of clients and the industry you operate. In order to generate leads to your web design business you can utilize internal and external strategies. Here we have listed low cost internal strategies you can try out right now,

a) Use Properly-optimized website

A website can have a one or multiple pages because the core issue in this case is to ensure that your clients can find your website in search engines. You should mainly focus on giving customer-oriented and reputable value proposition. A well built website should reveal skills and expertise of your business through outward appearance and layout. This strategy should be integrated with all your marketing activities.

b) Establish marketing activities in blog and social media

To get clients for your web design business, marketing your services or products in blogs and social media can have a positive impact. To increase your credibility as a web designer, you need to generate some content that reveal your proficiency. You can write various contents related to your industry and posting regularly to attract more traffic. Focus on expanding brand recognition as your primary goal during the early stages. This will eventually enable customers to post new projects because they have read and admired your content.

Alternatively, you can apply various social media channels based on where you can generate a large web design leads. If most of clients like hanging out on pinterest, you can establish some boards that reveal your web design services. The significant objective here is to use the most consistent social media channel that can reach more clients. Building and engaging with clients is social media is not selling and as a result, you should develop a selling strategy that can attract clients from the social media to your web design business.

c) Look for jobs at Searchtempest

This is a terrific research website that allows you to explore the available jobs on ebay, Craiglist and other websites. The basic concept in this case is to set a certain geo-distance (usually 4,000 miles radius) and you can view web design jobs around your area. You can regularly view the available jobs and connect with prospective clients daily. Merging this method with social media marketing strategies will increase the flow of work significantly. Through this way, more clients are likely to recognize and post their web design projects to your business.

d) Act professionally when dealing with clients

To ensure that you get more clients for your web design business, you will spend more time establishing trust and credibility to increase the confidence of customers when hiring you. Dealing with customers at personal level enables you to understand the specific web design needs and understand the types of skills needed to solve them. Operating at personal level can differentiate you from other web designers who have similar level of proficiency thus increasing the probability of getting hired by the customer. You should utilize all the opportunities by realizing that each conversation whether on direct message, phone or email is aimed at getting the prospective client to your web design business.

e) Understand the concept of pricing

Pricing is mainly based on the value of services offered by your web design business. In circumstances whereby the price outweighs the value of your services, clients will turn back from purchasing your services. This existing method of getting more clients to your web design business ensures that you give working reports when working on the project and following up after submission to confirm satisfaction of the client. In this case, clients will obtain quality services therefore coming back for more web designing projects.

f) Outline process of your web design

Giving a detailed process flow of your services is vital to make sure your customers understand what they are subscribing into.

g) Provide good experience

Focus mainly on expectations and needs of your clients by creating a meaningful website content. Take your time and respond to various customer questions that will assist you to understand their core business objectives and deliver quality services that will assist them to realize their goals. Word of mouth is the best method of marketing!

h) You can get more web design clients by presenting a deal

You can give special offers to your clients by targeting your promotion using online advertisements with particular user information such as gender, location, occupation and age. This stands out to be the greatest opportunity whereby you can offer discounts and special deals. You can also target a specific field using giants like Facebook and Google and as a consequence attracting more clients to your web design business.

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Strategies for generating leads for web design business

Finding leads for your web design business is the next critical step after establishing a reliable and efficient website. Getting leads to your WordPress web design business is significant in informing prospective clients about your services. You can access leads through marketing efforts, advertising or even optimizing search engines. The following are ways in which you can generate web design leads for your business.

a) Do SEO and Google Adwords

Generating lead involves exploring prospective customers of in the market and informing them about your products. Utilizing SEO in this case relevant since it makes certain that your website has the right keywords to assists potential customers. With correct Search Engine Optimization approach, you will attract serious clients and as a result competing favorably with other players in web design field. After searching about web designers, the customer will land on your website and schedule a discussion after reviewing your profile. If you don’t have time for all these and need quick result then Google adwords is your friend. Remember, organic reach is the most important for any online business.

b) Implementing a conversation strategy

In order to generate leads for your web design business, obtaining contact information is an important point that you should never forget. Such contact information including names, emails and phone numbers can be obtained by offering visitors free content or website assessment. This enables you to send notifications related to offer or clarification of your services a move that can increase the number of your web design leads and eventually conversions.

c) Engaging local traffic to your lead generation strategy

You can explore more local clients in order to generate more web design leads. Targeting the local SEO is a basic element of obtaining an increased traffic to your web design website. Engaging in local SEO brings more qualified leads because majority of customers can trust local web designers compared to other companies operating in different global areas. Local traffic also tend to be less competitive since there are less local web designers compared to global pool.

d) Tracking generation of your leads regularly

After marking a progress in generating your leads for your web design business, the next important step is ensuring that the leads are well organized. You can achieve this by considering using customer relationship management systems (CRM’s) to track your leads effectively.

Through application of these strategies integrated with tenacity and patience, you will obtain positive results in lead generation for your web design business. Additionally, you can also utilize the concepts of Search Engine Marketing and affiliate marketing as part of your strategies to create web design leads. 

Alternatively, you can generate more leads to your web design business by specializing in a particular field. The most paying clients prefer working with web designers who have great knowledge in a particular field. Specialization will attract more prospective customers to your WordPress website and as a result boosting your conversions.

Outreach, networking and brand building

To do effective outreach in web design business, you should create a complete and compelling portfolio. This is a professional necessity for all web designers. This is vital to let potentials know about your abilities. Once you have well designed website, a good portfolio, testimonials you can conduct regular outreaching campaigns to your prospects. You can use a tool like Mail Shake to do outreaching effectively.

Networking is an important instrument of lead generation because it establishes a strong foundation for getting more sales effortlessly. Facebook groups and other online communities can be important tools in networking. Once you establish networking strategy in your web design business, you will eventually have a effective process that will turn to a leads to a customers.

Creating tutorial videos on YouTube, writing contents to your blog, linkedin profile, medium and participating design forums whereby you will engage in relevant discussions based on your business.. these all can help you network and build your brand.

Effective web design Proposals

Once you got a conversion through your lead generation strategy then it’s time to provide your client with your web design proposal. You should clearly mention what you are delivering here. You need to include due time, how you are going to respond to the client in case of any problem and other project details client should know. You may find Better Proposals useful to send out client proposals.

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