Inline mobile header without Select Page text in Divi

This is a post by Ivan written for divicio blog. He discuss about how to make Divi Centered and Centered Inline Logo header bars look like the Default header bar on mobile. Here’s an excerpt of the article,

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make Divi Centered and Centered Inline Logo header bars look like the Default header bar on mobile. Why would one need that? Well, I would highlight two main reasons why Divi users are not fond of these header formats on mobile:

First, some of them don’t like the huge “Select Page” bar under the logo and would like to get rid of it.

Second, these two header formats look nice both on desktop and mobile screens but the header bar takes up too much space on smaller mobile screens. This might not be a big issue if the mobile header is not “fixed”, but what if you would like to make it fixed (using custom CSS or a third party plugin) to let your site visitors to navigate through your site without having to scroll back to top of long mobile pages just to click on the next menu item? In this case the huge menu header bar of the fixed Centered and Centered Inline Logo headers would take up too much space on the smaller mobile device screens which would make viewing your site content not very convenient.

As a solution to these issues I decided to try to change the header bar layouts of these two header formats to look the same as the Default header bar which is much smaller and does not have the huge “Select Page” bar under the logo. Continue Reading…


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