Integrate Etsy Shop into Divi Website

This is a post by Donjete written for elegant themes blog. She discuss about How to Integrate Your Etsy Shop into Your Divi Website. If you’ve got an etsy store and want to bring it into your Divi site for more eyeballs (and sales, of course) then this post by the writer is just what you need. Here’s an excerpt of the article,

In today’s Divi post, we’re going to show you how to integrate the items you have in your Etsy Shop into your Divi website. This could be a need you have for your own website or a request you’ve received from a client. Adding your Etsy items to your website could help you generate more sales. Especially if you own a website that has an attractive target audience and a good number of visitors. By integrating the Etsy shop into your website, you can reach your target audience more easily. Continue Reading…


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