Landscape Menu on iPad

QUESTION:  Menu turns in to 2 lines when viewed landscape on iPad.   Is there any way to introduce the hamburger menu earlier when viewed horizontally?

/* ipad menu landscape */
@media only screen and ( max-width:1100px ) {
#et_mobile_nav_menu { display:block !important; margin-bottom:20px; margin-top:6px }
#top-menu-nav { display:none; }
.et-fixed-header #et_mobile_nav_menu
{ margin-bottom:0; };

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    Thank you! I used this solution on a site I am working on and although it looks great, the user can’t actually scroll through the menu items in the instances where the menu is forced. It also doesn’t add the secondary nav items to the menu as it does in the true mobile menu view. Anyway to accomplish this? Halfway there 🙂