Lean how to build your own Divi Modules

This is a post by Nick written for elegant themes blog. Divi 3.1 is the biggest and most ambitious update that ET team have tackled since the release of Divi 3.0 well over a year ago.

This update opens up Divi with a new API for developers that makes it easy to create custom modules that are compatible with Divi’s Visual Builder. This new API comes with extensive documentation and tutorials, as well as a Create Divi Extension utility that will help you jumpstart your own custom Divi modules. This massive update lays the foundation for a thriving development community that will greatly benefit every single Divi user as more and more third party modules are made available.

This is also just the beginning. While the Developer API 1.0 lays a great foundation, ET will be listening to the needs of Divi developers moving forward and they are already thinking about how they can open up even more possibilities for the community.

If you want to participate, they highly recommend you check out their Create Divi Extension Utility and Divi Extension Example repos on github. In the bottom of announcement post you can find Divi Developer Tutorial Series.

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You can check this guide if you need more info about how to create your own Divi modules : Go to the Tutorial >

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