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How to Style the Divi Blog Read More Links as Button

This is a post by trgreer written for trgwebdev blog. He discuss about Style the Divi Blog Read More Links as Buttons Using CSS…

Customize Divi Author Page

This is a post by Dan written for divi booster blog. He discuss about How to Customize Divi Author Pages…

Create a Medium Style Blog with Divi

This is a post by Donjete Vuniqi written for elegant themes blog. She discuss about How to Create a Medium Style Blog with Divi….

Color Code Divi Blog Posts by Author

This is a post by John Hughes written for elegant themes blog. He discuss about How to Color Code Divi Blog Posts by Author. This is a fun one and a great way to differentiate your Divi blog. Here’s an excerpt of the article,
“In this article, we’re going to talk more about why you may want to color code your Divi blog posts, and how to do it in two simple steps. It’s time for a new coat of paint….”

Disable Sidebars in Divi Theme

“We are not huge fans of sidebars. Here is the argument against them…. They narrow your page. Modern design tends to favour wider layouts. Widescreen devices are very standard on the desktop. If you prefer longer pages and posts, having a sidebar makes for an awful….”

Divi Blog Module Image Hover Zoom Effect

“A few months ago we wrote about how to add a zoom effect to Divi images on mouse hover. It turns out that it is even easier to do this with Divi Blog modules. This is because the Blog featured image is already sitting inside a container and it is this ‘parent container’ that can be used to constrain the zoom so that any expansion of the image is hidden.”

Reveal Post Excerpt on Hover in Divi

“Eleganttheme’s Divi comes with the so called Blog-Module. Its functionality is to take your Blog Posts and show them in a really, clean, masonry blog grid including…”

Colorize categories in the Divi Blog

“Divi’s Blog-Module If you are using the Blog-Module from Eleganttheme’s Divi Theme you propably also make use of wordpress’ category-functionality. To sort ones blog posts into different categories is a good idea, so users will have a better overview when the blog…..”

Change The Length of Your Divi Blog Post Excerpts

“In this post, I will be showing you how to change the length of Divi’s automatic excerpts, whether you are using the Blog Module or standard blog template to display your posts. I will also show you how to generate manual excerpts for your individual posts….”

Style Divi’s Single Post to Match the New Elegant Themes Post Design

Today, I’m going to show you how to design your single blog post like the new Elegant Themes blog posts. This requires a few modifications to the default post template and some custom CSS. After you implement this new design, you will be able to use the default editor or the Divi Builder for you blog post and still keep the same new design….