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Create a Timeline for Your Wedding Schedule with Divi

“In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a timeline for your wedding website. We’re going to give you an example on how to create a good-looking vertical timeline that will keep your wedding guests up-to-date about what’s going to happen during the wedding couple’s big day….”

Create an Online Guestbook for Your Wedding with Divi

“In this tutorial, we’ll show you step by step how to integrate the Automatic Divi Testimonials into your guestbook page and customize it for that purpose. And, how to create the following Automatic Testimonial Module layout that matched the wedding website you already made….”

Automatic Testimonials Divi Plugin

Divi includes a testimonials module that lets you create and style the testimonials any way you want. Each testimonial is independent, meaning there isn’t a way to manage them. It’s great for just a few testimonials, but if you want to display lots of them, or even display them in various ways, you’ll…

Divi Booster Plugin

“Divi Booster is a plugin from Dan of where he creates lots of tutorials and code to enhance Divi. This code is then added to the Divi Booster plugin for easy use. Divi Booster adds over 50 new configurations to Divi. The enhancements effect headers, pages, posts, modules, sidebar, footer,…”

Divi Booster and Divi 3.0

“The latest update to the Divi Theme, version 3.0, is almost upon us (and may well be by the time your read this). The Divi 3.0 update’s main enhancement to the theme will be the addition of the highly anticipated visual builder. The visual builder is a new way…”