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How to add Particle Background Effect for Divi Fullwidth Header Module

This is a post by Ivan Chi written for divicio blog. He discuss about Particle Trails Background Effect for Divi Fullwidth Header Module….

Hide and show Divi navigation on scroll

This is a post by Fabrice written for creaweb2b blog. He discuss about Hide and show nav on scroll. Here’s an excerpt of the article,
“This tutorial come once more after a question posted on facebook group Divi Theme Tutorials and relies on headroom.js library. Maybe you didn’t noticed that the nav bar of my website is no more fixed. If you scroll down the nav will hide, and will come back when you…”

Typing text effect in Divi

Recently saw someone ask how to achieve a typing text pen that they’d seen on CodePen so I decided to modify it to work with Divi….

Tilt.js in WordPress

Hey! I just finished a tutorial on how to install the library Tilt.js in WordPress. Create some neat 3D visual effects to any element that you want!

Animated Border Effect for Divi Button Module

In this tutorial we will apply a nice animated border effect to Divi Button module on hover state.

How to add a nice moving particles background effect

Integrate ParticleJs library to your theme.

You can download this small JS library from here and follow the instructions mentioned there to integrate it properly in your theme. However to make it more easier for non-techie friends i have created a small plugin which will do this all for you by simply installing and activating the plugin….