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Creating a 404 Page in Divi Theme

“In this tutorial we will aim to use a page from our website as a 404 error page but to do this without needing a plugin. We will be able to create and edit the error page ourselves using Divi Builder etc…”

Create a Timeline for Your Wedding Schedule with Divi

“In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a timeline for your wedding website. We’re going to give you an example on how to create a good-looking vertical timeline that will keep your wedding guests up-to-date about what’s going to happen during the wedding couple’s big day….”

Create an Online Guestbook for Your Wedding with Divi

“In this tutorial, we’ll show you step by step how to integrate the Automatic Divi Testimonials into your guestbook page and customize it for that purpose. And, how to create the following Automatic Testimonial Module layout that matched the wedding website you already made….”

Create a Gift List Page for Your Wedding with Divi

Every wedding has a registry or gift list. In this tutorial we show you how to add it to your wedding website built with Divi….

Create a Wedding Gallery Page with Divi

“Wedding photos are one of the most significant investments most couples make when the get married. So it follows that they would want to show those images off via their wedding website. So whether it’s for yourself or for your clients, creating a wedding gallery page with Divi is a valuable thing to know how to do…”

Create a Wedding Announcement Homepage With Divi

This post is part 1 of 5 of miniseries on How to Create an Elegant Wedding Website with Divi. Wedding websites are an extremely popular niche. In this miniseries we are aiming to walk both DIYers and Divi web designers through a basic build. Hopefully this will empower both audiences to create wedding websites for themselves or clients….

Elegant Feature Cards Free Divi Layout

Check out this beautiful & simple feature card section with image background. Ready-to-use via Divi Library…

Free Divi Homepage Layout for Universities & Colleges

“This layout will help people who want to set up a Divi website for a university or college. Using this layout as your homepage is the perfect way to show current students and future students what the university or college is about. And of course, it also shows them that the university or college they’re exploring has a great sense of style and digital presence….”



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