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How to fix Divi Builder Timeout Error

This is a post by Abhishek written for elegant enthusiast blog. He discuss about Divi Builder Timeout Error….

Open Divi modules inside a popup without a plugin

This is a post by Fabrice written for creaweb2b blog. He discuss about How to open Divi content inside a popup, without use of any plugin. Here’s an excerpt of the article,
“A new tutorial coming from a question on facebook group Divi Theme Tutorials. The goal was to open a picture in a lightbox using a link. of course there are plugins to do that, but DIVI already use a lightbox system based on Magnific popup library. Better than install…”

How to create shortcodes for Divi modules to use anywhere

This is a post by Fabrice written for creaweb2b blog. He discuss about DIVI Module inside module . Here’s an excerpt of the article,
“In a previous tutorial, i explained how to add a DIVI “section” or “module” inside another module. Some code had to be added to functions.php file and when you fear/don’t know how to code in php, it can sound hard. So i made a little plugin to help those who don’t…”

New fully updated Divi documentation

Here it is, brand new fully updated Divi documentation! And it’s only going to get better from here as ET continue to add new videos and then integrate it all right into the Divi Builder itself! More details in the post…

How to run Divi Split Tests Properly

“Split testing is one of the most effective ways to figure out how to improve your website. You pit two variants against each other and wait for one of them to come out on top. It sounds simple enough – especially when using Divi Leads – but there are some all-too-common pitfalls you’ll need to avoid in order to maximize its effectiveness….”

Common Web Design Errors to Avoid and How Divi can help

In this article, we’ll explore what makes for good web design, and eight of the most common errors that people make during the process….

Use the Divi Role Editor to Prepare Your Site for Client Handoff

Divi’s Role Editor is a magnificently easy-to-use solution for client hand-off. With its simple interface, you can easily enable and disable permission settings for each of the user roles giving you full control over what the client can see and use inside the Divi Builder….