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How To Use Divi’s New Customizable Visual Builder

This is a post by Nick written for elegant themes blog. He discuss about Divi Feature Update: Introducing The New Customizable Visual Builder…

Create WordPress Websites With Divi Theme

In this new era you either know how to code or you have special tools like Divi to fight the AI Robots that are changing the game of freelance web design and WordPress website creation….

Intoduction to the Divi Builder

Make a website with the Divi Theme! In this web design tutorial I’ll show you how to get started building a website with the new Divi 3 theme.

Creating a full website with Divi 3.0

How to Make a WordPress Website 2016 for Beginners – Step by Step…

Create Pages using Divi Visual Builder

How to Edit a WordPress Theme with Divi is The Ultimate Visual Page Builder. It will change the way you build websites forever….

Divi Theme 3.0 Tutorial | How To Make A WordPress Website

In this tutorial I show you step by step how to Divi Theme 3.0 works and how to create a beautiful website!

Divi 3 Tutorial: Theme Options and Customizer

Continuing series as I use Divi 3 to build a website. In this second video, I use the Theme Options and Theme Customizer panels to create my menu, change my fonts, create link colors and upload logo and favicons…

Divi 3 Tutorial: Using Visual Editor to Build Page

I will be doing a series of videos where I build a website using Divi 3’s new visual editor. In this first video I show how easy it is to use the visual builder to add sections and rows; to move a section using negative margins; and to change headers and colors….