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How to run Divi Split Tests Properly

“Split testing is one of the most effective ways to figure out how to improve your website. You pit two variants against each other and wait for one of them to come out on top. It sounds simple enough – especially when using Divi Leads – but there are some all-too-common pitfalls you’ll need to avoid in order to maximize its effectiveness….”

Create a Resources Page for Your Clients

Once a website is live and a project is complete, it can be very easy to let a client slip away potentially stopping a client from purchasing more of your products or services. One way to keep your clientele engaged is to offer them a “Client Resources” page with free information, training and resources on ways they can market or grow their web presence….

Modify Project Permalink in Divi

Divi has the facility of creating projects. It is available right inside the admin panel and we can create projects just as the post and pages. We have seen that the project permalink contains word “project” as shown in the below image and we can replace this word accordingly. If you want to change that then this post can help you a lot for changing the project permalink….

Using CodePen to Create Divi Code Module Snippets

In this post, I’m going to go over how you can create a Code Module using CodePen and easily export it over to your Divi site using the CodePen Code Generator….

Create a Multilingual Website with Divi and WPML

Divi is WPML ready. That means Divi can be translated into other languages, creating a multilingual website. This includes layouts made with the Divi Building from the backend or frontend, Divi modules, and all of the WordPress elements such as menus and post types. WPML is fairly simple to set up with Divi…

Tips for Getting Started as a Divi Developer featuring Terry Hale

In today’s episode I got to sit down with another person I’ve had on my guest list for a long time: Terry Hale. Terry is a really active community member, especially in the various Divi related facebook groups, a few of which he even helps administer. I wanted to have Terry on because while…

Create a new footer only page template in Divi

There’s only two page templates to choose from in Divi out of the box; the Default Template and the Blank Page Template but what if you need a page with just the Header or just the Footer?

Divi Post Title Module Shortcode

Post title of any post or page shows the most about the post and very important to the users to get the point in the one line. Divi offers a module for post titles called Post Title Module. You can use the shortcode of this module in anywhere on the page and can show off the Divi….



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