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Integrate Etsy Shop into Divi Website

This is a post by Donjete written for elegant themes blog. She discuss about How to Integrate Your Etsy Shop into Your Divi Website. If you’ve got an etsy store and want to bring it into your Divi site for more eyeballs (and sales, of course) then this post by the writer is just what you need….

How to Add A Quick Add To Cart Button To The Divi Woocommerce Shop

Ever wanted a quick “Add To Cart” button? Here is a very quick tutorial on how to do just that…

Display the product short description under the product title

I’m using the shop module for my homepage to display products from a certain category. I realised that the default product details are only the product title and price. I would like to display the product short description under the product title as well. I believe this requires some custom coding. Can anyone point me to which file should I be looking to edit?