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Elegant Feature Cards Free Divi Layout

Check out this beautiful & simple feature card section with image background. Ready-to-use via Divi Library…

Free Divi Homepage Layout for Universities & Colleges

“This layout will help people who want to set up a Divi website for a university or college. Using this layout as your homepage is the perfect way to show current students and future students what the university or college is about. And of course, it also shows them that the university or college they’re exploring has a great sense of style and digital presence….”

Free Divi Layout for Book Authors

“We are extremely excited to give an extra helping hand to the authors in our community (or those who have authors as clients) by providing a brand new, free Divi layout that can be used as a homepage or landing page for book(s)….”

Material Design To Your Divi Website

Material Design was invented by Google in 2014 in an effort to combine tactile elements (based on the sense of touch) with technological possibilities of the real world and beyond. It capitalizes on the users familiarity with things like paper and ink and adds scientific realities like movement and shadows. It even stretches the real world limitations of technology and science just enough to bend but not break the rules of physics. The result is a design that is both familiar and magical at the same time….

Free Divi Layout Pack for Coffee Shops and Cafes

We’re excited to share a layout created for Divi called Coffee House. Coffee House is, as the name would suggest, ideal for cafes, coffee shops, and the like. I’ve made it as versatile as possible so if you like the aesthetic I’m sure you can find many uses for the layout as a whole or its individual sections….

Forty – Un tema hijo de Divi (gratuito)

Como regalo anticipado de Navidad, les presento el primer tema hijo para Divi (Elegant Themes) de vuestra humilde servidora, en descarga gratuita. Forty está basado en la plantilla homónima de HTML5 UP, una web con montones de diseños HTML5/CSS3 adaptables, de carga…

Divi Freebies

Hier werde ich das ganze Jahr, jeweils jeden Freitag einen Kostenlosen Download anbieten. Dieser hat natürlich etwas mit Divi zu tun. Es kann ein Layout Pack sein, ein Child Themes usw. Dieser wird natürlich Kostenlos sein. Falls aber jemand ein Verlangen hat etwas zu Spenden, der kann es über PayPal machen….

Crear Una Web En Menos De 1 Hora

Cómo crear una página web en menos de una hora con Divi. Tutorial Divi. Crear web en menos de una hora. En este tutorial divi vamos a tratar de crear una página web con 4 secciones distintas en menos de una hora. No será desde luego el único tutorial que…

Free Divi Contact Page Layout

We created a Divi layout in honour of Team GB’s success at the Rio 2016 Olympics.
Divi Layout are pre-made snippets that you can import into your Divi theme library and use in your own Divi websites….

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