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How to Find Shortcodes of Divi Modules?

This is a post by Sofian written for sundari web design blog. He discuss about How to Find out the Shortcodes of DIVI Modules without switching the Theme…

How to create shortcodes for Divi modules to use anywhere

This is a post by Fabrice written for creaweb2b blog. He discuss about DIVI Module inside module . Here’s an excerpt of the article,
“In a previous tutorial, i explained how to add a DIVI “section” or “module” inside another module. Some code had to be added to functions.php file and when you fear/don’t know how to code in php, it can sound hard. So i made a little plugin to help those who don’t…”

Replace often used sentences with shrtcodes

I often have to use the same sentence (“Mr John Doe, phone number 111.111-1111”) in many places on my web site to specify who is responsible for a specific activity….

Fix for Divi Button Shortcode Glitch

Using the ET Buttons in Divi editor to create a row of buttons, but for last button on the row doesn’t have same size of others…

Divi Post Title Module Shortcode

Post title of any post or page shows the most about the post and very important to the users to get the point in the one line. Divi offers a module for post titles called Post Title Module. You can use the shortcode of this module in anywhere on the page and can show off the Divi….

Divi Full Width Map Module Shortcode

The Full Width map module is used to insert custom google map anywhere on our WordPress website page. Divi provides an easy way to add google map on our website page by simply adding the full-width map module. We can add multiple pins on our website page to the map, and find the location. We can insert the location or address by simple and easy format like “86 Hill Road, Name of City, State, 86213”. This module is designed to work with any Divi builder based site….

Divi Post Slider Module Shortcode

Developers wants to construct the ultimate and beautiful WordPress website which will attractive to all and he wants to arrange the all of the post or desired number of post on the same page of the WordPress site. This can be done with Full Width Post Slider module of the Divi theme. Post Slider module provides the way in which developer can arrange the one or more than one post that he needs to display. We can choose the number of that we would like to display. We can also manage the order of post as we want to display on the website screen….

Divi Person Module Shortcode

We are again with a new module of divi named as “Person Module”. Divi Person Module will let you to share the information about any personal profile. Awesome module for displaying About Me, about Team Members and much more in imagery form with some social media links too such as facebook, twitter etc…

Divi Image Module Shortcode

By using the image module of DIVI theme we can upload the image to our WordPress site in a proper manner. This module automatically decides the size of the image. We can upload the single image or collection of images on the first page as per our desired design. We can upload the image to any place of the website page with animation and image title…