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Add an Amazon Icon To Divi Social Icons

I have the amazon icon in .png and .ico formats and would like to add it as a social icon..
Please can you tell me the best way to do this please..

Open Social Media Links of Person Module in the New Tab

Many of Divi users want the social media links of the person module open in a new tab, and it is not a module setting so a user cannot enable this feature with the help of module settings. To achieve this feature, please add the following javascript inside the head in the integration tab of Divi theme options….

Adding & Centering Social Follow Icons with Divi Theme

4-5 ways to add social follow icons via Divi Theme. Also, the easy CSS tip for responsively centering Social Follow Icons in Divi Theme. Plus, some examples of using Divi Booster to do even more with Social Follow Icons…

How To Change Social Icons In Divi Theme

Shows you how to add new social icon buttons to your website using the Divi theme for WordPress…

Move secondary menu social icons to the right in Divi

If you want to move the secondary menu social icons to the right in your Divi website, rather than left aligned with the phone number and email on the left, you can use the following code from Dan Mossop (Divi Booster); Add the following into your Divi theme options…

Add Facebook Like Button to your Mobile Site

A great way to interact with social media is via a mobile site. In a previous post I showed you how to embed your twitter timeline (HERE) and for this post lets look at adding a Facebook like box. Now since this is for mobile the width is going to be 300.

Embedding a Twitter Timeline on Mobile Site

Embedding a twitter timeline is a great way to communicate with

Social Icons to Open in New Tab

When you installs Divi, there are some social icons in header and footer. And whenever we click on those icons, it opens the social links in a same tab of the browser. We can let these social links open in a new tab or window. Let’s see how to do this, Please go to the […]

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