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Embedding a Twitter Timeline on Mobile Site

Embedding a twitter timeline is a great way to communicate with

Social Icons to Open in New Tab

When you installs Divi, there are some social icons in header and footer. And whenever we click on those icons, it opens the social links in a same tab of the browser. We can let these social links open in a new tab or window. Let’s see how to do this, Please go to the […]

Creative footer social icons

Someone asked about how I created the footer social icons on this site…

Add Social Media Icons to Footer

Out of the box, Divi allows you to include icons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and RSS in your footer.
To edit these, log into your Dashboard, then hover over Divi and select Theme Options. In the General tab, scroll down until you see the relevant section, then turn on (or off) the various choices.
If you turn on Facebook, for example, you’ll need to add your Facebook URL in the ‘Facebook Profile URL’ box. Each box is pre-populated with a hash tag (#) and you must remove this first…

Opening your Divi Header and Footer icons in a new window.

“By adding a little piece of JavaScript to your Integration tab in the Divi Theme Options, you can set the social media icons to open in a new window….”

How to Add Nifty Shake Effect to Social Icons in Divi

I came across this nifty shake web animation on the Austin Women’s League Soccer website, that I thought I’d use it on my social icons from time to time. As always, this effect is applied to Divi, the only theme I use. Here is the CSS used:…

How to Center Social Icons in Divi (Social Icons module)

Divi has a nifty ‘social media’ module that let’s you hang social links almost anywhere. One thing I wanted was to center them, in particular, on the mobile view…when the screen is small. This site is the one that prompted me to do it. Here…

How to Make Social Icons Open in new window in Divi Theme

Hello Guys As i have seen many people keep asking about how to make social icons open In new window of header as well as of footer, So today i am writing an article how to achieve it stay tuned ….
Before Starting I will suggest you guys to make Child theme in that child theme copy the footer.php file in as we going to add the code in the footer.php file