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Form in footer widget area

Is there a way to add a form into the footer widget area using the in-built form module? I could add a contact form 7 but seeing as the form is already there it would be great too use it….

Change the Width of the Divi Footer Widget

The Divi theme is pretty impressive when it comes to being able to build a site out of the box with minimal coding. For someone who actually enjoys coding, it can take a bit of the fun out of developing a new site. However, for those sites that need to be built quickly or require little customization, it is a timesaver and then some….

Build a Responsive Fixed Sidebar with Smooth Scrolling Anchor Links

Today we’ll be showing you how to use the specialty section in the Divi Page Builder to create a responsive fixed (or sticky) sidebar menu with smooth scrolling anchor links (or jump links)….

Add Opening Hours To Your Divi Site

Some members are trying to add Opening Hours to their Divi site without much success (html table output is somehow messed up when adding the widget to your sidebar).

This plugin hasn’t been updated for a while, don’t let this stop you from using this as the author is already working on a new version which is in Beta…

Open Table Widget Makes It A Breeze For You To Add Powerful Open Table Reservation Forms To Your Divi Site

The free single-restaurant Reservation Widget is used to search tables at a specific restaurant location and allow visitors to reserve a table at your restaurant.

Open Table Widget allows you to easily create powerful restaurant reservation forms throughout your Divi powered website using an intuitive widget and shortcode…

How to Add Widgets to Vertical Nav Menu in Divi

I was following a post in FB today. A fellow FB group member wants to add some widgets to a Divi site with a Vertical Menu. One of my friends also pointed me to that thread and asked if this could be possible. With his guidance and direction, I think we can achieve this and that too without much fuss. Let’s see once again. what the scenario…

Button in the footer widget

I need a button to go on the footer widget. I would like one that matches the divi style. I realize I can download a plugin but I would prefer to not add one more widget. I was wondering if I could use css but I am not sure I can do that in a widget. Anyone have a suggestion?

Add Dividers Between Widgets

The code below will create dividers between each widget or section of your sidebar, giving your site a more organized feel. You can modify the height and color of the borders by changing the values right the beginning…

How to Put a Widget into Divi Module

“You can use the Divi Theme sidebar module to add widgets to the Divi Builder. This lets you position them on the page as though they were Divi modules. here’s how to do it. Go to “Appearance > Widgets” in your WordPress dashboard. There, create a…”

Custom Divi sidebar navigation

I want to share with you a tutorial on creating an awesome custom sidebar navigation that will include a font awesome icon, active link color, and a hover color. When we created our LocalBiz child theme, we wanted to create a sidebar to display all of the services a…