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Remove the featured image from blog posts

Tutorial on how to remove the featured image in the Divi Theme Today we will do a quick tutorial on how to remove the featured image at the top of the post in the Divi theme. By default you have limited control over the look and feel of your featured image in the Divi…

Divi 3 Tutorial: Theme Options and Customizer

Continuing series as I use Divi 3 to build a website. In this second video, I use the Theme Options and Theme Customizer panels to create my menu, change my fonts, create link colors and upload logo and favicons…

Customize Color Picker Palette

Oh, how I love the Custom Color Picker Palette. Oh, how I hate to try and say that fast three times. I have a confession: I used Divi for well over a year before I realized what the Custom Color Picker Palette was for. Now, I can’t live without it. I like to use the same colors over and over and over. And in the past, I would retype the color’s hex values over and over and over. Not anymore. Not with the Custom Color Picker Palette. It’s found in the Custom Theme Settings in the Divi folder on the left hand menu in WordPress…

How To Remove Featured Image From Posts

Removing Featured Images on Single Posts Do you want to have a featured image for your blog excerpts, but you don’t want it show on your actual post? Divi has made it super simple to change this. Go to Divi Theme Options in Your Dashboard (found under the Divi…

How to Style Gravity Forms’ Checkboxes & Radio Buttons with Divi Font Icons

This quick tutorial will specifically help you change the Gravity Forms checkboxes and radio buttons to use icons from the Divi font library (as seen in the blurb module).

How to Update Divi Theme on WordPress

Updating your theme is done via the WordPress Dashboard just like any normal theme. Before you can update, however, you must first authenticate your Elegant Themes subscription using the Elegant Themes Updater Plugin. Once authenticated, you can update your Elegant…

The Divi Theme Options

Divi Theme ePanel is quite power booster of your WordPress site which provides all of the available tools and elements to manage an entire WordPress site focusing on content management, website design and management, navigation, layouts, ad management, WordPress SEO,…

Adding Font Awesome Icons

Simple instructions on how to add Font Awesome icons to your website the easy way…

Number of Posts Display on Search Result Page

5 posts are set to be default in the search results on our websites page and we can increase or decrease that value according to our need. To increase or decrease the posts display on search result page, follow the given steps.

Go to Divi > Theme Options > General Settings
Find a section called “Number of Posts displayed on Search pages”…

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