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How to create a multilingual site with Divi

This is a post by Andras written for divi magazine blog. He discuss about how to run a multilingual site with Divi….

How to translate Divi or Extra Theme

This is a post by kary4 of Elegant Themes support team written for his GitHub repo. He discuss about Translating Extra theme….

Create a Multilingual Website with Divi and WPML

Divi is WPML ready. That means Divi can be translated into other languages, creating a multilingual website. This includes layouts made with the Divi Building from the backend or frontend, Divi modules, and all of the WordPress elements such as menus and post types. WPML is fairly simple to set up with Divi…

Multiple Logo with The WordPress Multilingual Plugin

Many of users use The WordPress Multilingual Plugin(WPML) for the multi-language feature to target maximum audience to the site. And there is a thing many of plugins users don’t know is that we can change the site logo according to the site language. Means we can show…

Change Divi contact form submit button to a different language

I need to change this into another language. Is it by using CSS? Could anyone help?