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Make the Background Color of the Divi Menu Different on Every Page

In today’s tutorial we’re going to use Divi’s page settings to create a unique menu color for every page….

Use Divi Global Element as footer on blog posts

I made a custom footer and made it global but why is it not showing up on blog posts? Just on pages? How can I make it appear on blog posts too?

Insert Ads Above, Inside, and Below Your Divi Blog Post Content

Divi makes it easy to insert ads into your blog posts. Built in to Divi Theme Settings, there is a section that allows you to place an “un-widgetized” ad image/banner or adsense code under your blog post content. But, this is somewhat limiting since it only allows you to place the ad in one…..

Taking the email symbol out of the secondary menu bar

The client would like just her number and not the email at the top, how can I take the email symbol out?

Menu bar text font style

My menu text font is automatically bold and I can’t use the normal font weight….

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