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Divi Theme Epanel SEO Options Explained

This is a post by Abhishek written for elegant enthusiast blog. He discuss about how to Use Elegant Themes SEO Tab….

What Is Schema Markup & How to Use It

You can help your local website rank better on popular search engines like Google and Bing by including your businesses contact information throughout your site. The most important of these business details are referred to as NAP, which is Name, Address, and Phone…

WordPress Cheat Sheet

WordPress is an amazing CMS, no doubt. You can find thousands of themes to customize your website and plugins to add more functionality. Nevertheless, as a designer and developer, you need to tinker with codes now and then, but remembering your way through every file, tag, and functions, etc. isn’t an easy task.

7 Brilliant Proven Ways to Boost Your Divi Website

Boost your Divi website Here are 7 brilliant, proven ways to do it. 01 DIVI DONUTS There are tons of plugins, add-ons, marketing tips, etc. out there that can make your head spin, these 7 ways to boost your Divi website, are essential! I use them all, and more, but I am limiting it to a chosen 7, we’ll […]

How to add Structured data in Divi theme without any plugin

I recently got a comment from James asking if there is any way to add Structured data to the Divi theme without using any plugin so I decided to answer his question with this tutorial…