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Fix the divider gap issue in Divi

If you are seeing a gap between sections (thin white line) when using Divi theme divider module after recent updates then please try this css code to fix it….

What to do when “Copy” feature in Divi Builder stops working?

This is a post by Andre Esteves Perrone written for you divi blog. He discuss about Recover Copy From Modules, Sections And Rows…

Creating a responsive navigation menu in Divi

This is a post by Jason written for elegant themes blog. In this tutorial writer shares his solutions to the problem of crowded mobile navigation menus. A common problem for many designers….

How to Force Divi Footer to the Bottom

This is a post by trgreer written for trgwebdev blog. He discuss about Force Divi Footer to the Bottom of the Screen….

Optimize Google Font Delivery in the Divi Theme

This is a post by David Tierney written for designs by tierney blog. He discuss about How to Optimize Google Font Delivery for the Divi Theme….

Two Line Titles for a More Responsive Layout in Divi

“When you write a title it’s a reasonably assumption that it is only going to take up one line. But that isn’t always the case and if the row is narrowed, the title may wrap onto a second line, pushing everything below it down the page and miss-aligning other elements…”

How to fix blank space in footer when content of a post or page is short

“In a Divi site, whenever a page or post does not have a lot of copy, i.e. when the content is short, the footer may appear to be floating in the middle of the page, leaving an awkward blank space below it. This is especially noticeable on full width pages with no sidebar when only the footer bottom bar is used….”

Fix for Divi Leads Post / Page Inaccessible

“Do you have a long-running Divi Leads split test running on a page (or post) which has become inaccessible? Here’s what to do about it. I recently found that when I tried to edit my homepage, I couldn’t access the page edit screen. I was just getting a blank page. I…”