Listing Category: Divi theme Bug fixes

Two Line Titles for a More Responsive Layout in Divi

“When you write a title it’s a reasonably assumption that it is only going to take up one line. But that isn’t always the case and if the row is narrowed, the title may wrap onto a second line, pushing everything below it down the page and miss-aligning other elements…”

How to fix blank space in footer when content of a post or page is short

“In a Divi site, whenever a page or post does not have a lot of copy, i.e. when the content is short, the footer may appear to be floating in the middle of the page, leaving an awkward blank space below it. This is especially noticeable on full width pages with no sidebar when only the footer bottom bar is used….”

Fix for Divi Leads Post / Page Inaccessible

“Do you have a long-running Divi Leads split test running on a page (or post) which has become inaccessible? Here’s what to do about it. I recently found that when I tried to edit my homepage, I couldn’t access the page edit screen. I was just getting a blank page. I…”

Fix Divi Email Optin Module “Configuration Error” Message

“Is your Divi signup form playing up? Here’s how to get rid of the “Configuration Error” message. If your Divi Email Optin form gives you (or your users) the following error message: Configuration Error The first thing to do is confirm that your email optin form api…”

Divi Parallax scrolling cut my images

I want to display a full-parallax-slider, but I don’t want to cut my images on the way…

Divi Contact form message sending error message

I have a problem with the contact form, when I send a message…

Fullwidth Header – Scroll Down button not working

Enabling HIDE NAVIGATION UNTIL SCROLL (either on the page or via the Customizer) seems to stop the ‘Scroll Down’ button on my Full Width Header from working (clicking it does nothing)….

Divi Builder Post Content Padding

Posts published with Divi Builder have more padding than index and archive pages and therefore do not match the rest of the site. The post title has correct padding, it’s below the title that padding is increased. Posts published with the default editor match the rest of the site….

Fix for Divi Button Shortcode Glitch

Using the ET Buttons in Divi editor to create a row of buttons, but for last button on the row doesn’t have same size of others…



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