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Divi and Extra theme resource for German users

You can find lot of useful Divi and Extra theme tutorials from website. It seems they mostly curate German Divi and Extra theme content and put them all in one place…

Ways to change Footer credits in Divi and Extra Theme

This is a post by Rob Hobson written for divi notes blog. He discuss about Changing The Footer Credits In Divi And Extra….

Hide email or Website fields on Comments

Go to Divi Theme Options -> General Tab Scroll to Bottom to  Custom CSS enter this text to hide “Website” Field: .comment-form-url {display:none;} and/or to hide “Email” Field: .comment-form-email {display:none;}

Remove about the author bio box

Is there a chance, to remove the about the author bio Bx at the end of the posts?

How to Translate Extra Theme

Here’s a way to translate Extra Theme by Elegant Themes….

How to Show Post Notification For Individual Category in Trending Bar

Extra is one of the finest themes for creating a portfolio and blogging sites. This theme is totally different from all other themes as it contains many special features. One of the best features of the extra theme is the Trending Bar. Trending Bar shows notification of all the posts. Sometimes there is a need when we have to show notification of all the posts for a particular category in the trending bar. This can be achieved by using CSS….

Modify Extra Theme Trending Label

Extra theme is the best theme for Portfolio, Magazine, Business and Blogging. Sometimes Situation arises when we have to change the Label of the trending bar in order to give our website an attractive look. Trending Label is located in the header section…

Remove Authors from Sidebar Author Module in Extra

When we use Sidebar Author Module in Extra then all the authors comes in the list and there is no option to select some particular authors to that list. We have a solution for this. Some CSS can help to get this task done for you.

Go to the custom CSS field of Divi Theme Options and paste the following code….

Free Food Blog Homepage Category Layout for Extra

Today we’re giving away another free category layout for Extra. This category layout is meant to be used as a homepage for a food blog. The concept behind this layout is not to display the full blog (which in our demo we’ve put on a separate page) but rather to highlight popular content…

Add a Logo to Extra’s Secondary Menu

Not long ago I created and gave away our first Free Extra Category Layout Pack. The response was great and so I’ve begun work on my next one: an Extra Category Layout for a video blog. In the process of creating it I realized that something I did on the demo site might be something the community would…