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How to Show Post Notification For Individual Category in Trending Bar

Extra is one of the finest themes for creating a portfolio and blogging sites. This theme is totally different from all other themes as it contains many special features. One of the best features of the extra theme is the Trending Bar. Trending Bar shows notification of all the posts. Sometimes there is a need when we have to show notification of all the posts for a particular category in the trending bar. This can be achieved by using CSS….

Modify Extra Theme Trending Label

Extra theme is the best theme for Portfolio, Magazine, Business and Blogging. Sometimes Situation arises when we have to change the Label of the trending bar in order to give our website an attractive look. Trending Label is located in the header section…

Add a Logo to Extra’s Secondary Menu

Not long ago I created and gave away our first Free Extra Category Layout Pack. The response was great and so I’ve begun work on my next one: an Extra Category Layout for a video blog. In the process of creating it I realized that something I did on the demo site might be something the community would…

Show Different Logos on Selected Categories in Extra Theme

Yesterday a friend on an FB Group posted a question asking if it was possible to show different header logos on selected categories in the Extra Theme. I would say – YES; you can do this using WordPress conditional tags. Following is the process as how you can execute this. Note: I would assume that you’re using a child theme which…

Extra Mega Menu

There are two types of mega menu are displayed in the Extra Theme’s Demo…

Change the Secondary Header Search Box Placeholder Text

“How to change the placeholder text of the search box in Extra’s secondary header…”

Make the Secondary Header Search Box Bigger

“A CSS one-liner for changing the width of the search box in the secondary header bar…”

Change the Extra Theme’s Mobile Menu Color

“On mobile devices and narrow screen widths, the Extra Theme displays the navigations links in a mobile menu, which can be opened using the mobile menu button (aka the “hamburger”). To change the color of this menu…”

Hide the Trending Button in the Extra Theme

“The Extra Theme includes a “Trending” feature in the top header. This feature highlights popular posts on your site by scrolling through links to your most active posts. Beside the links is a button (the three lines) which lets you pause the link scrolling. The button isn’t particularly intuitive (as three lines typically indicates a menu), so you may wish just to hide this button entirely. There doesn’t seem to be an option within Extra to hide the button, but you can easily do so with the following CSS…”