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When using Divi Theme, have you ever wished that you can easily nest another module within a module? Finally I was able to achieve it by using these steps.

Hide the Main Featured Image on Extra’s Post Modules

“The Extra Theme’s posts modules (i.e. the modules which produce the popular, top rated and latest post lists on the homepage) include the ability to display the featured image for the listed posts. While this will be ideal for some sites, on a site like mine where most of the posts are going to be about modifications to the theme itself, the main featured image can be easily mistaken for actual content. See, for example, the “before” shot above – the featured image on latest posts box is actually a screenshot of a posts module, which makes for a confusing mess. Here’s how to hide just the main featured image…”

Change Post Module Title for “ALL” Posts

“The default homepage layout in the Extra theme makes use of the posts module to prominently display the “popular”, “top rated” and “latest” posts. If you take a look at one of these modules (as per the before shot above) you may notice that the title looks a bit awkward – it’s of the form “ALL popular”. This post will show you how to tidy it up…”

Remove Plus Sign from Image Overlays

“The Extra Theme has inherited the Divi Theme’s behavior of displaying a “+” icon when images are hovered over (as well as making them a touch darker). If you’d like to get rid of the plus sign icon, you can do so with the following CSS…”