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Remove about the author bio box

Is there a chance, to remove the about the author bio Bx at the end of the posts?

Remove The “Share” Text On Posts

“Posts in the Extra Theme are followed by a “sharing” section which lets users easily…”

Hiding The Featured Image On All Posts

“If you’d like to hide the featured images on all posts in the Extra Theme, so that they show up only on the homepage, etc, you can do so with the following CSS: .single .post-thumbnail.header { display: none; } To add the…”

How To Add The Author Image To The Bio Box

“The Extra Theme lets you easily add an author biography box to the end of your posts. When enabled, the box will show a description of the post author along with, in some cases, an image of the author. But what if the author bio image isn’t showing? It’s not necessarily obvious how to get it to show up.

The author image is actually based on the Gravatar service. Basically WordPress uses the author’s email (as given in the author’s user profile) to look up the profile picture of the author, as stored by Gravatar. If you don’t have an author image registered to your email address on the Gravatar site, no image will show in Extra…”

Hiding The Featured Image On Extra Posts

“Here’s a quick tip for hiding the featured image on a post within the Extra Theme. There is a built-in option for it, but it can be easy to miss. When editing a post, you’ll should have the following box in the…”

Removing the “About the Author” Box

“A simple way to get rid of Extra’s “About the Author” box on posts….”

Prevent Post Images from being Cropped (e.g. on Homepage)

“The Extra Theme limits the height of post images on the homepage (and elsewhere that post listings are displayed using the posts module) to 376px by default. Images taller than this will be cropped top and bottom,…”

Disable Star Ratings in the Extra Theme

“A nice feature of the Extra Theme is its integrated post ratings system. Users can easily rate…”

Change the Comment Box Text Color in Extra

“The Extra Theme allows you to globally change the text color of your theme. One thing which isn’t affected by this change, however, is the color of the text in the comment box. You can change its color using the CSS below…”

Change the Comment Box Background Color in Extra

“The background of the comment box in the Extra Theme is a light grey color by default, and turns a slightly darker shade of grey when you click to start typing. There doesn’t appear to be an easy way to change these colors in the theme itself, but you can easily do so with the following CSS…”