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How to fix blank space in footer when content of a post or page is short

“In a Divi site, whenever a page or post does not have a lot of copy, i.e. when the content is short, the footer may appear to be floating in the middle of the page, leaving an awkward blank space below it. This is especially noticeable on full width pages with no sidebar when only the footer bottom bar is used….”

Form in footer widget area

Is there a way to add a form into the footer widget area using the in-built form module? I could add a contact form 7 but seeing as the form is already there it would be great too use it….

Bottom Bar Site Map Link

I am just trying to add a site map link to the bottom bar. I have tried widgets but no luck….

Change the Width of the Divi Footer Widget

The Divi theme is pretty impressive when it comes to being able to build a site out of the box with minimal coding. For someone who actually enjoys coding, it can take a bit of the fun out of developing a new site. However, for those sites that need to be built quickly or require little customization, it is a timesaver and then some….

Create a new footer only page template in Divi

There’s only two page templates to choose from in Divi out of the box; the Default Template and the Blank Page Template but what if you need a page with just the Header or just the Footer?

Automatically Update the Copyright Date in DIVI theme Footer

Every year, you have to change your footer copyright date manually like © 2017 – DIVI.EXPERT.
But, there is an easy way to do it automatically. In your child theme (you have one right?), add this quick PHP code in the footer.php page…



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