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Effective Divi Web Design Principles – Part 1

This is a post by Josh Hall written for elegant themes blog. He discuss about 3 Ways to Learn How to Have a Better Eye for Design….

Free Divi Layout Pack for a Coffee Shop

This is a post by Donjete written for elegant themes blog. This week Elegant Themes have created a tasty Coffee Shop Layout Pack with eight different pages that provide everything your average coffee shop will need to get up and running in just a few clicks. This eight-page coffee shop layout pack has everything you could possibly expect from a coffee shop website. Primarily; all of the practical information is continuously present on each layout of the website. There is a footer at the end of each one of the pages that shares the working hours and contact details elegantly and noticeably. On top of that, the visuals that are being provided in the different layouts are absolutely stunning and in line with the quality coffee you want to bring to your visitors….

Free Divi Layout Pack for a Fashion Agency

This is a post by Jason written for elegant themes blog. ET is back with their latest edition of the Divi Design Initiative. This time around they step into the fashion world with a stylish fashion layout pack for Divi. You can download it for free today….

Free Divi Layout Pack for a Design Agency

This is a post by Donjete written for elegant themes blog. It’s time for another FREE Divi layout pack. This time around ET got an impressive Design Agency Layout Pack for Divi. It comes with nine stunning pages, a free pack of high quality images, and all the style to sell your services to clients of every size. You can Download it now for free…

Top 20 Media WordPress Themes for News Magazines & Personal Blogs

Do you have anything to share with the world? Are you planning to launch your own media website? Don’t procrastinate! Take action today with these collection of media WordPress themes…

Free Divi Layout Pack for LMS Websites

This is a post by Jason written for elegant themes blog. Thinking about teaching a course online? Need an upgrade for your current e-course site? This 9 page layout will give you the head start you need in just a few minutes. This offer includes all those beautiful graphics, icons, and images as a free download as well….

Best Divi Theme Examples for October 2017

This is a post by Randy written for elegant themes blog. Every month ET round up some of their favorite Divi web design submissions from the community. This month they got ten more Divi websites to share with you designed by Divi users across the globe….

20 Best Interior Design WordPress Themes

Are you running an interior design, home remodeling, flooring, architectural, or any other related type of business? Are you looking for a decent web presentation for it? Free yourself from long hours of surfing the Internet with this usable showcase…

40 Free and Public Domain Stock Asset Resources You Should be Using

If you are a web designer finding proper stock assets for your designs can be very tedious task. Most of the time designer resort to buy stock assets to fulfill their need. There is an alternative to buying these assets which is to download similar quality stock assets for free. The big question is what are the best Public Domain Stock Asset Resources available right now?….

Free Divi Layout Pack for Business Websites

This is a post by Jason written for elegant themes blog. ET team is back this week with the newest effort from their Divi Design Initiative: The Amazing Divi Business Layout Pack! This general purpose layout pack offers seven pages containing all of the most essential elements for most businesses. And as always, They are also providing you with a free download of the raw photos used in the layout too..