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How to get clients for your WordPress web design business

How to get clients for your WordPress web design business

How to get clients for your WordPress web design business

Establishing a web design business is not a simple job because it needs a certain level of ambition, diligence and tenacity. You will encounter various problems whereby the decision you make will highly determine the growth and success of your biz. In this article we discuss how to generate leads to your web design business….

WordPress Cheat Sheet

WordPress is an amazing CMS, no doubt. You can find thousands of themes to customize your website and plugins to add more functionality. Nevertheless, as a designer and developer, you need to tinker with codes now and then, but remembering your way through every file, tag, and functions, etc. isn’t an easy task.

How to clear the Facebook share cache

Can you please tell me how can I remove this words ” Just another wordpress site” while I changed it in setting/general/Tagline as I want but it is still remain when I post it in facebook…

The Basics of a WordPress Theme

“In the first part of my article on child themes I explained a little about the history of WordPress themes and child themes, what they are and why you should use them. After sharing the post in a couple of online groups I am a part of, I received a fairly good positive response to the topic and my thoughts on it. One thing that also stood out from some of the comments was that a lot of Divi users don’t necessarily know how a WordPress theme works in the first place…”

How to easily add CSS

Don’t fear CSS – make it fear you. I’ll teach you how to add it in five simple steps.

I broke my Page and then Saved it.. How to get it back (Video – no sound)

Ok, so its late at night, its all gone wrong, you mucked up your page – and you clicked update!! So you have successfully just wiped out your previous good work, and have no...

Create a Contact Form with Caldera Forms (Video – no sound)

This is a short video showing how to download a plugin called Caldera Forms, and create a basic contact form for your website. Download and install plugin. Create a basic form from a template....

Create a New Menu (Video – no sound)

It is likely you will want to change your main menu, and create your own, so you can add and change it to suit. This is a short video, showing how to create a...

Put a background on a section (Video – no sound)

Just a short video showing how to put an image as a background on a section. After I changed it, i duplicated the first section, and changed the background of that one. The text...

Change the colour of the Menu bar, and Menu text (video)

How to change the menu colour, and also the text..