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Make a Divi popup modal with the aid of a free plugin

This is a post by Carlos written for divi dezigns blog. He discuss about How to Make a Divi Popup Modal…

Put background image overlay to Divi CTA module

This is a post by Dan written for divi booster blog. He discuss about Putting background image overlay to Divi CTA module….

Create a modal popup with the SiteOrigin Widget by CodeLights

This is a post by Robert Hobson written for divi notes blog. He discuss about how easy it is to create a modal popup with the SiteOrigin Widget by CodeLights….

How to make page content slightly overlaid onto the full width header

This is a post by Justin Boughton written for nexus studios blog. He discuss about Overlay Content. Here’s an excerpt of the article,
“Introduction Hello! Welcome to another article in the series where I explain how certain effects are pulled off on our site here with Divi. I often get asked how I pulled off the neat effect where the page content is slightly overlaid onto the full width header on a…”

Create Gradient Background Overlays

This is a post by Donjete Vuniqi written for elegant themes blog. She discuss about How to Create Gradient Background Overlays With Divi’s Background Settings. Here’s an excerpt of the article,
“In today’s tutorial, we’re going to explore the new and elegant possibilities the new Divi background design features bring to your websites and more specifically; by using gradient background overlays…”

How to Add hover effects to Divi fullwidth portfolio grid

This tutorial show you how to add tympanus hover effects on Divi Fullwidth Portfolio Module You will need to create a custom-modules folder for your child theme. The cfpm.php file goes in that folder and will be called by the functions.php data….

Adding a Title On Top of An Image in Divi Theme

“A Blurb Module is a much better choice for this, simply because it provides a handy package containing both an image and a piece of text (in fact two pieces of text – the title and content) into a single element that we can style with CSS….”

Semi-Transparent Background Overlay on CTA Modules

“Here’s a quick Divi Theme tip, for giving your CTA module a “faded out” background image. Step 1: Set up your CTA Module I’ll assume you’re sufficiently familiar with Divi to create a CTA module, adding a title, text, button, etc., as necessary. Go ahead and do that…”

Adding Color Overlays to Background Images

I have a text module, that I have tweaked to have 100% height and width in 2 column row. So two blocks side by side. The problem is, with the TEXT module, you do not have an option of a background color overlay, with an image. And for good reason, technically you’d have to make the image semi-transparent to achieve this. But, there is always a way around it….