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Adding a Title On Top of An Image in Divi Theme

“A Blurb Module is a much better choice for this, simply because it provides a handy package containing both an image and a piece of text (in fact two pieces of text – the title and content) into a single element that we can style with CSS….”

Semi-Transparent Background Overlay on CTA Modules

“Here’s a quick Divi Theme tip, for giving your CTA module a “faded out” background image. Step 1: Set up your CTA Module I’ll assume you’re sufficiently familiar with Divi to create a CTA module, adding a title, text, button, etc., as necessary. Go ahead and do that…”

Adding Color Overlays to Background Images

I have a text module, that I have tweaked to have 100% height and width in 2 column row. So two blocks side by side. The problem is, with the TEXT module, you do not have an option of a background color overlay, with an image. And for good reason, technically you’d have to make the image semi-transparent to achieve this. But, there is always a way around it….

Add transparent Color Overlays to Sections

Learn how to add transparent Color Overlays to Sections. A client uploaded a bright background image and made the overlying text unreadable. This is how you can setup a transparent Color Overlay that will always be there…no matter what image your client uploads…

Modules over image with overlay

In this short tutorial, we’ll see how to add rows and modules over an image with overlay. Of course if we make all rows full width, there is no need for this tutorial as we can set rows background to become the overlay for our image. But here, the overlay is…

Overlaying Button Module on an Image

Question: How do I overlay a button module on an image? Solution: Make the image the background of the column – In the inner row settings, you can define column backgrounds. Add the button...

Remove Plus Sign from Image Overlays

“The Extra Theme has inherited the Divi Theme’s behavior of displaying a “+” icon when images are hovered over (as well as making them a touch darker). If you’d like to get rid of the plus sign icon, you can do so with the following CSS…”



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