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How to Add Pinch and Zoom on Mobile Devices to Divi

This is a post by trgreer written for trgwebdev blog. He discuss about Add Pinch and Zoom on Mobile Devices to Divi…

How to change Website Content Width on Mobiles

This is a post by Dan written for divi booster blog. He discuss about Changing the Website Content Width on Mobiles….

How to Increase the size of Divi Mobile Logo and Mobile Menu Text

This is a post by Robert Hobson written for divi notes blog. He discuss about Increasing The Size Of Your Divi Mobile Logo And Mobile Menu Text. Here’s an excerpt of the article,
“In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use a different logo image for your Divi site and also how to change the mobile logo size and increase the letter spacing and font size of the mobile menu text. Switching out the logo and increasing it’s size on smaller…”

Adjust columns in Divi mobile view

This is a post by Rebekah Ralston written for fibonacci design lab blog. She discuss about Divi, media queries and how to make columns 2×2 in mobile. Here’s an excerpt of the article,
“Divi is a wonderful, versatile and mobile ready theme. However, some might wish it were a little more flexible when it comes to it’s mobile layout. By default, all columns become their own row when viewed on a mobile device. If you have one row of four columns on a desktop, you end up with four rows in one column on mobile. This makes the page four times as long and therefore, may not be ideal….”

Style The Divi Mobile Menu

This is a post by Clark Morton written for Two Blue Toucans blog. He discuss about Styling The Divi Mobile Menu. Here’s an excerpt of the article,
“This post will show how to style the Divi mobile menu to give it a semi-transparent background, to colour the menu and submenu items, give the menu container round corners and change the hamburger to an ‘X’ when the menu is open. We will also show how to ‘fix’ the menu so that it remains visible when the mobile device is scrolled…”

Create different layout for small screens in divi

“This is a post by kary4 of Elegant Themes support team written for his GitHub repo. He discuss about how to create different layout for small screens in divi. Here’s an excerpt of the article,
If some of your modules don’t fit perfectly on small screens, or you want to use different layout for small screens then you can add additional modules that will be shown only only small screens….”

Two Line Titles for a More Responsive Layout in Divi

“When you write a title it’s a reasonably assumption that it is only going to take up one line. But that isn’t always the case and if the row is narrowed, the title may wrap onto a second line, pushing everything below it down the page and miss-aligning other elements…”

How to create a mobile app to your Divi Site

“Making sure your WordPress website is mobile ready has never been more critical. After all, mobile users now make up the majority of online traffic. That means you have to do everything in your power to make sure their experience is as good as possible….”

Identify Divi’s Responsive Breakpoints and Fine Tune Your Designs with Media Queries

“Today I’m going help you locate Divi’s responsive breakpoints and show you how to use media queries in your CSS to fine tune your design. I’ll even give you a list of Divi’s media queries you can use as a reference for future changes…”