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Designing for Mobile in Divi

Design With Divi is a series of quick tips to help design great websites using the Divi theme on WordPress. These tips are created for those who aren’t great with code and are meant to be done natively within Divi’s stock options….

Divi Theme Mobile Solution

Best practice for delivering a true mobile experience without needing a redirect with Divi…

Add text to your Mobile Hamburger Menu Icon in Divi

Recently, one of our clients requested to have a text close to the hamburger menu icon in DIVI mobile view. Here’s the css solution we used…

How to Change Display Text Mobile Centered Dropdown in Divi

Changing the default ‘Select Page’ text in the centered mobile menu of Divi is handled by functions.php. However, placing functions into your child theme functions.php can be a headache. Fortunately, WP has a way to do it. View the code used here…

Place Pictures in Image Module without Stretching or Squeezing the Image

Using the image module can be a great solution for a portfolio or grid album look, but when some images are taken portrait and landscape you can have some images look great and some look squished or stretched. This can really hold true when viewing from a mobile device….

Selective Menu Options In Divi

Some times a situation occurs that number of menu options are too many to be used comfortably in small screen with hamburger menu. Or, such a situation occurs that client wants to have different options for desktop and different options for mobile. Let us consider a…

Use a different navigation menu for your full site and your mobile site

“So many ways to accomplish things with the power of Divi and one of those is a true mobile solution. Not going to knock people for using the responsive look, but why not deliver an interactive look and feel for those visiting your site via a mobile device. This post I am going to focus on that….”