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Resizing Full Width Header Text on Mobiles

“If you add a full width header to a Divi Theme page, you may find that it looks right on desktops, but that the font sizes are too big on mobiles. This can be fixed by using one of Divi’s more hidden features – different font sizes for mobiles and tablets….”

Smartphone Icon App Menü in Divi

In diesem Tutorial wird beschrieben, wie eine App-Navigation mit Icons für Smartphones erstellt wird….

Responsive versus Mobile

I am not going to bash responsive websites, I honestly feel responsive websites are one of the greatest features to hit the world wide web in a long time. That being said (yes a butt is coming) a true mobile site still is a big need for the success of a website. The only exception to this rule (maybe) is if you are a blogger and have your posts on your homepage…

How to Create a Great Looking Mobile Site with Divi

Here is the simplest way to get a great mobile site with your Divi WordPress Theme. This is pretty basic which is why we have a store with mobile layouts and why we build so many custom mobile sites for our clients. This post however will get your mind headed in the right direction.

No Need for Mobile Redirect with Divi Theme

A mobile redirect plugin is simpler to accomplish a true mobile solution but with the power of Divi you

Add Facebook Like Button to your Mobile Site

A great way to interact with social media is via a mobile site. In a previous post I showed you how to embed your twitter timeline (HERE) and for this post lets look at adding a Facebook like box. Now since this is for mobile the width is going to be 300.

Turn your Divi Mobile Site into a Web App

Using just a couple lines of meta you can create a true app look and feel with your mobile site. One plugin I use to get code into the header section is Addfunc Header and Footer Code. This plugin works great because it gives you the option to easily add code on any individual page/post. Be sure to watch the video in this post. Offers a quick look on how the meta line code works.

Divi Post Blank Tempate

When linking to a responsive Blog page you end up with a great mobile solution. However when opening a single post to read; you get a header area that may not look great on a mobile device or a menu that you don’t want accessible from a mobile user. One solution is to remove the the header and footer area on single blog post page. You can do this with Global CSS. Now you have full control of the single blog post look on a mobile device. (CSS is in a toggle below)…

Divi Site Icon must be a Great Icon

In the Divi Theme customizer go to general settings then

Embedding a Twitter Timeline on Mobile Site

Embedding a twitter timeline is a great way to communicate with