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Add Tap for Directions on Mobile

Several things are important for end users when they visit a mobile

Customizing Mobile Style for Phones on Divi

Everyone pretty well knows by now, I make a true mobile site, and..

Great Divi Mobile Redirect Plugin

WMF Mobile Redirector is a great plugin for any WordPress site, but this…

Fullwidth Slider Image with integrated text – perfectly controlling the responsive behaviour on all devices

If we want to use an image with integrated text, for example with quotes that we want to style pixelperfect, responsiveness and full-width become challenging…

Media Query Breakpoints

Often we need to adapt our CSS customizations to the different device sizes, and it is very helpful to have the media query breakpoints of the DIVI theme at hand. Artiom from Elegant Themes was revealing this handy list.

Changing the Breakpoint of the Mobile Menu

In best case the regular menu stays visible as long as possible, before collapsing to the mobile menu. Since every menu has a different width, we can optimize the responsiveness by moving its breakpoint…

How to create different layout for small screens in divi

If some of your modules don’t fit perfectly on small screens, or you want to use different layout for small screens then you can add additional modules that will be shown only only small screens. Each module (technically those are section, row, module) can be disable on..

Media Query and Device Orientation

Media Query and Device Orientation are CSS techniques which are used for the design of responsive websites. It uses syntax as “@media” which specifies the property of CSS only if the condition is true within the specified block. Consider an example, [crayon-57ce3c6d271f5634108943/] Where, the css code will only be applicable on the devices which have […]