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How to control Divi Toggle/Accordion Module Animation Speed

This is a video tutorial by Rob Monti posted for his YouTube channel. He discuss about Controlling the Divi Toggle/Accordion Module Animation Speed….

How to open Divi toggle and accordion module on mouseover

This is a post by Christian written for webdev trust blog. He discuss about How to open Divi toggle on mouseover….

Overlooked Divi Module Elements You Could Be Styling

In this article, we’ll introduce you to three small (yet significant) Divi module elements you may have overlooked. We’ll tell you how to find them, before teaching you how they can help you build even better websites. However, before we jump in, let’s talk for a minute about Divi modules in general….

Remove Spacing Between Accordion Items

“A question I get from time to time is how to remove the space between toggles in the Divi Theme’s accordion module. Here’s how to do it. First, here’s an unstyled accordion module showing the gaps between the three items: Item 1 text Item 2 text Item 3 text Now, to…”

Add a Light Box image to an Accordion module

Quick tutorial on how to add a lightbox effect to images in an accordion module using the Divi theme…

Accordion Module starting with all Toogles closed

By default the first toggle of an accordion module starts open, but with a little code in the head section we can start with all accordion toggles closed…

Close Default Open Accordion in Divi

“In accordion module, first accordion is set to be open by default on opening the page. But we can close default open accordion by applying some javascript…”

Make Divi Accordion Module Tabs Closable

“Ever since posting on how to make the Divi accordion tabs start closed by default, I’ve received requests for something related – to be able to re-close accordion tabs once they are opened. Divi will always keep one accordion tab open, and the only way to…”

Change Color on Accordion Plus (+) in Divi

Accordion modules are really a solid way to clean up overwhelming content, allowing users to hone in on what they want, only, and alleviating the potential for TL;DR. Divi provides these as a standard module that I find myself almost always using. For the most part…

Make Divi Accordions Closed by Default

“The default behavior of the Divi Theme’s accordion module is to show the first item of the accordion as open….”