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Audio Player with iTunes Look

In this tutorial you will learn to create a fade in audio play which looks like iTunes on an iPhone. On the following site you will see this tutorial in action: This design works...

Podcast Audio Module

Welcome to this week’s Divi UI Challenge! Today’s tutorial provides you with the how-to in building a pretty awesome looking Podcast Audio Module. This beauty was certainly inspired by the recent series by Elegant Themes on styling the Divi Audio Module,…

Create a Themed Three Column “Heavy Metal” Audio Section with Divi’s Audio Module

Today, we are going to be designing a Three Column “Heavy Metal” audio section that includes space for an audio player, a short bio, and a call-to-action button–in case you want to direct visitors to i-Tunes or Google Play to download your latest hits…

“Tints n’ Shades”: A Divi Audio Module Design Exercise

Today, we are going to be creating a split-screen design: one side will hold the audio module, while the other side will house a testimonial module, where you can share critical praise of your work. The name of the design–Tints n’ Shades–comes from the subtle contrast we will create using simple opacity settings. Just follow the tutorial I have outlined below to replicate this clean design….

Style Your Divi Audio Module as a Podcast Player

In today’s tutorial we show you how to style the Divi audio module like a podcast player…

Make a Retro Record Inspired Divi Audio Module

Today, we are going to customize the default module to create a retro-inspired audio player. We’ll also add a call to action module, encouraging users to download your music on their personal devices….

Give Your Divi Audio Module “Intergalactic Vibes”

Today, we’re going to transform the default Divi Audio Module into a space-age vessel for your latest techno beats!

Audio Module Shortcode In Divi

“Audio Module Shortcode: Here we have another shortcode for audio module to use it in default wordpress editor or in divi code module. ..”