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Four Column Blog Grids in Divi Theme

“We don’t know why the default for Divi Blog Modules in Grid layout uses three columns only. We suspect that, given the default word count for blog excerpts, using four colums would have made blog grids look very narrow (and very tall). This article is going to…..”

Divi Blog Module Image Hover Zoom Effect

“A few months ago we wrote about how to add a zoom effect to Divi images on mouse hover. It turns out that it is even easier to do this with Divi Blog modules. This is because the Blog featured image is already sitting inside a container and it is this ‘parent container’ that can be used to constrain the zoom so that any expansion of the image is hidden.”

Reveal Post Excerpt on Hover in Divi

“Eleganttheme’s Divi comes with the so called Blog-Module. Its functionality is to take your Blog Posts and show them in a really, clean, masonry blog grid including…”

Change The Length of Your Divi Blog Post Excerpts

“In this post, I will be showing you how to change the length of Divi’s automatic excerpts, whether you are using the Blog Module or standard blog template to display your posts. I will also show you how to generate manual excerpts for your individual posts….”

Style Your Divi Blog Module Grid Cards

“Today I’m going to show you how to target and apply more than one style to the cards that make up your blog grid using custom CSS. I’ll show you how to apply a different style to every other card, creating a checkered effect. I’ll also show you how to style your cards differently by row and how to target and style any individual card by itself….”

Style Your Divi Blog Page to Look Like Elegant Themes’ New Design

In today’s post we show you how to style your Divi blog post to match our own new blog page design….

Insert Ads Above, Inside, and Below Your Divi Blog Post Content

Divi makes it easy to insert ads into your blog posts. Built in to Divi Theme Settings, there is a section that allows you to place an “un-widgetized” ad image/banner or adsense code under your blog post content. But, this is somewhat limiting since it only allows you to place the ad in one…..

Style the Divi Blog Module “Read More” Text into a Button

Today we’ll be exploring how to style the “read more” button on the Divi Blog Module….

Change read more button text

How to modify the “read more” button text of the Blog module?

Sort Divi blog entries alphabetically

I need to sort the blog entries by alphabetical order of the title, not by date of publication as they are now….



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