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Create Bicolor Feature Cards with Divi’s Gradient Feature

This is a post by LePasi written for teqme blog. He discuss about Use Gradient To Build Bicolor Look….

Style Divi Blurbs with 3D Hover Effects

This is a post by Anja Merret written for webdesign101 blog. she discuss about How to Style Divi Blurbs with a 3D Hover Effect. Here’s an excerpt of the article,
“Quick Tutorial on How to Style Divi Blurbs with 3D Hover Effects. We’ve had a few support request for this so we thought we would make a quick tutorial. Let us know if this is helpful and if we can improve on it…”

Create 4 Blurb boxes with hover and animation effect in Divi

This is a post by BAL written for boalange blog. He discuss about how to create 4 Blurb boxes with hover and animation effect. Here’s an excerpt of the article,
“Have you ever wondered about, how to create 4 blurb boxes – side-by-side – in one square? Should the blurbs have any kind of animation when hovering? And what about lifting one square on hover with animation?
Well, i decided to make this tutorial after i helped someone on one of the Facebook-groups that i’m a member of. Everything is made with CSS….”

Hack Blurb Module in Divi theme

I just finished a tutorial on how to hack Blurb Module in Divi theme using the “Inspect” tool of the Google Chrome browser. Hope to help somehow!

How to flip Divi Blurb

This is a post by Rebekah Ralston written for fibonacci design lab blog. she discuss about Flipping Divi Blurbs. Here’s an excerpt of the article,
“This is tutorial will incorporate another wonderful tutorial from Tymapnus. There are many styles to chose from but, I am using #7 with some modifications. I want mine to turn to the right instead of turn down….”

How to make Divi Blurbs Clickable

This tutorial shows you how adds a new module to your Divi Library called Clickable Blurb that will make your entire blurb clickable….

Clickable Body Text in Divi Blurb Module

“I had a go at writing something about extending the clickable area in blurbs to include the body text as well. Hope this is useful to someone…”

How to give Image Hover Zoom Effect on Divi Blurb Module

“Blurb modules are incredibly handy because they package up an image and some text into one module. This makes it easy to move them around and to style them. We will use some CSS to achieve the effect we are looking for. We strongly recommend you use a child theme for this…”

Adding a Title On Top of An Image in Divi Theme

“A Blurb Module is a much better choice for this, simply because it provides a handy package containing both an image and a piece of text (in fact two pieces of text – the title and content) into a single element that we can style with CSS….”